Speed Development Projects and Lower Costs with Self-Service Data Integration

The Informatica Data Integration Analyst Option empowers business analysts to perform data integration tasks themselves while IT retains control of the overall data integration process. This option is available for PowerCenter and Informatica Data Services.

  • Increase productivity and accelerate project delivery by fostering business-IT collaboration and eliminating manual steps and iterations
  • Reduce the chance of human error by automatically generating data integration mappings from business
    analyst-defined specifications
  • Improve data governance and compliance by empowering the business to own the data while IT controls the process and has complete visibility of the data lifecycle

Data Integration Analyst Option Key Features

  • Self-service data integration that provides an intuitive Web-based user interface for business analysts to create mapping specifications that can include prebuilt ETL and data quality rules for business intelligence, data warehousing, master data management, and data migration projects—without help from IT.
  • Reusable, shareable rules creation to define expression-based transformations, validate their syntax, preview the results, and save transformation expressions as reusable rules
  • Integrated business glossary and unified metadata repository to search for data sources and targets based on business terms, metadata, or data lineage