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Informatica Data Archive with Oracle ZS3 Storage Appliance

An Oracle Informatica Solution Brief January 2014
Oracle | Datasheets | 639KB PDF

ICD-10 Appliance for Payers

Informatica | Datasheets | 1172KB PDF | 2 pages

Informatica Data Integration Solutions

A higher-performing, more agile approach
Informatica | Demos | Video

Recipe for C-Level Buy-In to MDM

Three actions expose hidden costs of bad data, quantify revenue gains from a data governance investment, and sell MDM to the business
Informatica | White Papers | 83KB PDF | 14 Pages

Informatica Procurement - Procurement Benchmark 2013

Learn more about the results of the six core topics that have direct bearing on your return on investment and thus the success of your catalog procurement solution.
Informatica | White Papers | 126KB PDF | 14 pages

Bloor Research Survey: Comparative Costs and Uses for Data Integration Platforms

Informatica rates very high on the Bloor Research Survey comparing costs and uses of Data Integration Platforms. The Survey details six areas of Data Integration costs and uses.
Informatica | Analyst Reports | 3493KB PDF | 22 pages

The Streamlined SKU: Using Analytics for Product Introductions

Are you handling thousands of SKUs on spreadsheets? Does adding additional SKUs take a Herculean effort? Are your merchants and marketing professionals frustrated with the time it takes to get products to market? Join Intricity and Informatica for a look at a holistic solution that will attack the entire lifecycle of product management.
Informatica | Webinars | Web

5 Ways To Supercharge Your SEO with Product Information

Creating unique customer experience: Making product information more relevant to your customers through search engine optimization. Learn how to leverage your product data to assist in SEO.
Informatica | Webinars | Web