Maximize the Business Value of Your Data and Strategic Technology Investments

Insurance companies today face challenges to their operations that are greater than ever before. Softening market conditions, ongoing commoditization of traditional insurance products, increasing competition from new and old players, changing consumer demographics and behavior, and dramatic regulatory changes have created a more demanding business climate. These challenges make it critical for the insurance industry to have the right technology to access, manage, protect, and deliver the right data to find new revenue opportunities, cross-sell new products and services, and improve customer experience across all touch points. Informatica provides industry-proven solutions to help insurance companies maximize business value from their data assets, while reducing the cost of managing data across the enterprise.

Westpac Life New Zealand

Westpac Life New Zealand leveraged Informatica to build a sustainable competitive advantage through a datadriven enterprise enabling reduced time to value and increased efficiencies in cross-selling and customer retention.

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Chubb Insurance

Chubb Insurance utilized Infomatica to access and share data across all platforms and applications, enhancing management information accuracy, improving their understanding of customer requirements and supply that information to insurance brokers to enhance the sales operation across channels.

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Pacific-Antai Life Insurance Company Limited

Pacific-Antai Life Insurance Company Limited leveraged Informatica to improve customer service efficiency, increased customer satisfaction, and lowered the number of transferred calls by the service department with trusted and timely information.

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Sterling & Sterling

Sterling & Sterling leveraged Informatica Cloud to integrate with ensuring that sales reps, brokers, and agents have a 360-degree customer view and insight into customer needs. The result is a greater opportunity to capture cross-sell opportunities and make them customers for life.

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Sep 16
Seminar | Chicago, IL
Data-The New Frontier in Competitive Advantage for Insurance Companies

Start the day with your insurance peers no matter where you are in your journey to information excellence. This workshop will provide you with tips, tricks and best practices to drive real business value from your data. You will also learn about: Strategic business trends in insurance: what are they and why they matter; Data driven initiatives in insurance - what worked and what failed; Information excellence: from establishing foundational capabilities to key metrics to creating the 'Data Exchange'.

Sep 23
Webinar |
Leveraging Analytics to Build a Data-Driven Insurance Enterprise

Each day, insurers gather vast amounts of data with the potential to evolve their risk strategies and drive business growth. The problem is, many carriers lack the analytical tactics necessary to manage and capitalize on this wealth of information. Through robust data management practices, insurers can better understand their portfolios and improve their approach to strategic growth. Attendees of this one-hour Insurance & Technology and Informatica sponsored webinar will come away with greater knowledge of how to: Use data management to develop healthy risk portfolios; Extract data to create 360-degree views of policyholder information; Increase customer satisfaction through effective data management; Expand opportunities for cross and upsell with the power of analytics. Insurers are under tremendous pressure to compete in today's data-driven world. During this session, you’ll learn how to leverage effective data management practices and achieve business growth by gaining greater customer insight, improving client interactions, and strengthening risk portfolios.

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