Data is no longer a means to the end – it is the end

If there was one thing that characterized the keynote session with CEO Sohaib Abbasi on day one of Informatica World 2014, it was the power of data in the new world of cloud and hybrid computing. “Data is no longer a means to the end – it is the end,” Abbasi asserted. Contrasting old world, on-premises data management with new world, hybrid application portfolios, he clarified Informatica’s vision of an Intelligent Data Platform that delivers the right data, the right way, right away regardless of whether that data is managed on-premise or in the cloud.

Stressing to the audience that their data management skills make them more valuable than ever, Abassi then launched a series of demos showcasing Informatica’s platform capabilities.

His keynote was preceded by an impressive performance by ‘The Sound Collage,’ a delay looping a cappella group whose medley of Beatles classics included ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Come Together’. It was a performance that would set the tone for the rest of the session.


Replace the word ‘troubles’ with ‘data’ in that song and you have a microcosm of the new world of data management presented on stage on Tuesday. Instead of a disparate bunch of hard-to-reach data silos, the audience saw the business having a centralized view of all its data.

Instead of a static Master Data Management (MDM) hub focused on transactional relationships, the audience saw a dynamic, evolving, and proactive Informatica MDM 10.0 that tells you what your customers like and where they are – “an Internet of master data.”

Instead of access to a single data warehouse, the audience saw how easily businesses can access their whole package of analytic databases, in memory databases, cloud analytics, open source Hadoop, and agile business intelligence. MDM 10.0 will infer and recommend relationships, so you know not just the customer who spends the most, but also the customer who influences the most spend. MDM 10.0 will launch its general availability later in the year.