With every generation of computing, the complexity of the data infrastructure grows. From mainframe to client-server, Web, e-commerce, and Cloud, the volumes of computing data have surged—and even more so with the exponential growth of today's social transaction data. The Internet of Things will only accelerate the explosion of this data. On a single transcontinental flight today, the sensors of a typical aircraft engine create an entire Terabyte of data. Harnessed with robust software to manage it, this data enables maintenance to be performed only when necessary, rather than having to be scheduled. Millions of dollars are saved in unnecessary parts and labor.

But harnessing data is no longer enough—changes in the technology generating that data must also be managed. Informatica has created the only information platform architected to do that. With this platform, regardless of how technology evolves, IT can focus less on rewriting code and more on realizing business. Powered by Vibe™, the world's only Virtual Data Machine (VDM), the Informatica Platform allows you to map data once and deploy it anywhere. The mappings you create with Informatica can be reused in the Cloud or on premise, for your database or big data environment running Hadoop, and can meet any entry-level, departmental, or large-scale enterprise needs. With this next generation, end-to-end data integration environment, organizations can implement an Integration Competency Center (ICC) relevant for today's demands for business value—all by leveraging Vibe's robust and cohesive architecture.

Data Integration on Premise or in the Cloud

Innumerable companies today use some form of software as a service (SaaS), with likely many more doing so in the future. Informatica Cloud  makes it easy for you to integrate your on-premise and Cloud applications such as Salesforce. And because it's powered by Vibe, you have the freedom to move applications while your data mappings continue to run. This ensures you true ownership of your information, enabling you to migrate it easily between applications, from on premise to the Cloud. With Informatica Cloud, hybrid IT is a reality today. Try It Now.

Data Integration at Any Scale

Just as one size rarely fits all people, one tool rarely suits all use cases. But Vibe fulfills its promise for exactly this sort of versatility. Driving the Cloud application integration of Informatica Cloud and the on-premise implementation of PowerCenter, Vibe frees you from making any compromises in consistency or compatibility. To further this versatility, PowerCenter is now offered as PowerCenter Express, tailored for entry-level and departmental needs, and as PowerCenter Enterprise, for large and mission-critical deployments. PowerCenter Express is available immediately for download, getting you up and running in less than ten minutes. It allows you to start now, start small, and scale quickly. And you can even scale it to the enterprise when you need to because the mappings you create in PowerCenter Express continue to work seamlessly in PowerCenter Enterprise… thanks to Vibe.

Data Integration at Any Pace

There's data you need over time—and then there's data you need now, with full control over all latency aspects. We currently hold the world's record in messaging speed, having just announced breaking the 100-nanosecond latency barrier. But Informatica has been long been helping customers to move and integrate data of all shapes and sizes at the speed they need, regardless of generation of computing platform. And because of Vibe's versatility, your investments in the data mappings you make with Informatica are future proof.