“The data governance teams are comprised of business analysts, and they are entirely comfortable using Informatica.”

– Terri Mikol, Enterprise Analytics Initiative Leader, UPMC

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UPMC, a leading academic and integrated global nonprofit health enterprise, implemented a single, unified platform to bring together clinical, financial, administrative and genomic data. The platform is playing a key role in UPMC’s sophisticated enterprise analytics effort to foster data-driven personalized medicine, enhanced research capabilities and outstanding patient care.

Business need

  • Optimize patient outcomes by increasing the efficiency of research associated with cancer and other diseases.
  • Enable the treatment of each patient in a personalized way by analyzing patient records that span the continuum of care.
  • Improve quality reporting and measurement by providing insight into the effectiveness of treatments and the cost of variations in care


  • Bring together clinical, financial, administrative, genomic and other information which has historically been siloed – making it extremely difficult to integrate and analyze.
  • Create a self-service business intelligence environment, putting data in the hands of decision-makers.
  • Strengthen information security, privacy, and compliance capabilities.

Solution and Results

  • Single, backbone of data re-usability  for clean, safe and connected data.
  • Engaged key stakeholders in enterprise data governance through a proven Integration Competency Center approach.
  • Researchers electronically integrated - for the first time ever - clinical and genomic information on 140 patients previously treated for breast cancer.