We live in a data-centric world, in which people, businesses, applications, and machines interact constantly. The business potential we can unleash by harnessing this information is unlimited. But to unleash data's potential, our information infrastructure must be up to the task. With greater speed and agility, IT must integrate, consume, and analyze newly acquired or discovered data sources, master relationships in data across multiple systems, and provide a universally consistent way for new applications, devices, or users to consume it.

By choosing a platform-based data strategy, enterprises maximize the efficiency of every individual, process, and application through timely and trusted data access.

The Informatica Platform is a set of data services and information solutions powered by a state-of-the-art data management engine: the Vibe™ Virtual Data Machine, which delivers on all the requirements of clean, safe, and connected data. Informatica is the world's only data integration platform delivered on-premises and in the cloud that scales from individual users to departmental workgroups to the entire enterprise. Components of the Informatica Platform include the following:

The Informatica Platform
  • Data integration. Acquires data from applications and other sources inside and outside the organization and aggregates them to provide a holistic view of information.
  • Data quality. Provides a sustainable, efficient means of diagnosing and repairing low-quality data.
  • Information lifecycle management. Tracks and enforces data masking and retirement policies to reduce the risks and cost of data retention.
  • Information exchange. Exchanges information efficiently within the enterprise and with external partners.
  • Master data management. Manages the data and relationships that underlie discrete fragments of information.
  • Third-party solutions. Numerous independent software vendors are embedding the Informatica Platform into their own technology via open software development kits to bring best-in-class data integration and quality to their own solutions.
  • Vibe™ Virtual Data Machine. Vibe is an embeddable data management engine that can access, aggregate, and manage any type of data. Vibe™ gives developers the power to map data once and deploy anywhere—in any application and on any appliance or device—regardless of the data's format or whether it resides on-premise or in the Cloud.