Deliver Consolidated and Reliable Data to Composite or Custom Applications

Composite applications, or enterprise mash-ups, are developed to help organizations boost sales and marketing effectiveness, enhance customer service operations, streamline human resources management, and improve other areas. However, the challenge with many composite applications is that they are fed by inconsistent and duplicate business-critical data from source systems, which stifles their ability to achieve the expected business value. Some examples of this are:

  • Costly and prolonged customer call handling
  • Inefficient customer onboarding
  • Inadequate employee management

Enable Access to Consolidated and Reliable Business-Critical Data

Informatica MDM ensures that composite applications have access to consolidated and reliable business-critical data in real time, enabling on-demand information delivery across critical business processes. With this solution, you can empower your company to:

  • Increase profits and customer satisfaction by feeding the customer service composite application the information necessary to efficiently and effectively serve customers
  • Onboard customers more efficiently by feeding the composite application that employees use to bring customers on board the information needed to speed the process
  • Streamline employee hiring, onboarding, and management by feeding the composite application used by human resources the information required to improve the process

Leverage a Proven and Flexible Multidomain MDM System

A proven and flexible multidomain master data management (MDM) system on a single platform, Informatica MDM is a powerful solution for supporting composite applications implemented within a service-oriented architecture framework. It supports key requirements needed to make composite applications friendly to business users:

  • Integrating Composite Application Platforms and Rich Internet Applications
    Informatica MDM enables the development of composite and rich Internet applications using development platforms such as Oracle Fusion and IBM WebSphere. The Informatica Services Integration Framework provides data services that allow these applications to create and maintain multidomain master data and access reliable multidomain master data and rich metadata to support business processes.
  • Implementing a Flexible Multidomain Data Model and Shared Data Services
    Informatica’s flexible, model-driven architecture supports the creation of any business entity datatype—customer, product, channel partner, supplier, and employee—on a single platform. Informatica MDM automatically creates all necessary data services around the model to manage the entire multidomain master data lifecycle. The model adapts completely to additions and changes to data sources. Data services are automatically regenerated to reflect changes in the data model. This enables higher-level business services despite any changes made to the underlying multidomain MDM system.
  • Integrating Workflow
    Informatica’s open architecture enables the integration of workflow and business process management (BPM) tools. Informatica MDM provides application programming interfaces (APIs) to manage workload distribution, assignment, state management, and event routing. BPM and workflow tools can use these APIs to integrate with Informatica MDM. In addition, Informatica MDM supports event-driven monitoring and management and allows rules-based evaluation and invocation of associated business processes.