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Increase the Value of Your SAP Investment

The business applications, databases and technology from SAP application can play a critical role in supporting your business — but only if it works well with your other applications and systems. The application-agnostic Informatica Platform integrates SAP smoothly and reliably with SaaS and on-premise packaged applications, data warehouse systems, and even mainframes so you can unlock the true value of your SAP application investment. Informatica platform is officially tested and certified by SAP to integrate with SAP NetWeaver, SAP Business Information Warehouse (BW) and SAP HANA.

Migrate or consolidate data to your SAP application

The Informatica Platform helps you migrate or consolidate data from existing applications and systems to an SAP instance while protecting or improving data quality in the process. Informatica's purpose-built technologies and pre-built solutions for the SAP application can:

  • Lower the cost of development while saving time. In addition to the standard functionality of Informatica PowerExchange, built-in universal connectivity allows you to read and write directly to custom objects within SAP applications running on SAP HANA — something no other vendor supports out of the box.
  • Increasing data and reducing time. Informatica PowerExchange provides best-in-class industry performance for data transfer between SAP Business Suite, SAP BW, SAP HANA and other enterprise data infrastructure.
  • Speed time-to-value and save money. Informatica's Professional Services Velocity Methodology works with Accenture's SAP Data Migration Factory to deliver prebuilt data cleansing and data migration solutions and services you can reuse over and over for high-quality, low risk, and repeatable SAP application integrations.
  • Lower the risk and cost of SAP application development. Informatica ILM Test Data Management includes SAP-specific accelerators that create functionally intact, secure test data subsets.
  • Future-proof investments. The Informatica Platform includes reusable processes and data lineage so you can easily document and replicate your successes.

Integrate Cloud applications with SAP

The Informatica Platform integrates SAP systems with Cloud applications in real time so your end users have fast, reliable access to complete, consistent data whether they're in the back office or the front. Informatica Cloud's SAP-specific real-time and batch integration solutions can unlock the full potential of Cloud services in just days.

Secure SAP data

Retrofitting legacy production systems to comply with current security standards can be costly, risky, and intrusive. With Informatica Dynamic Data Masking, you can add data masking capabilities to your existing SAP applications without any code changes at all — then standardize and reuse your security policies to protect other applications, too.

Increase confidence in SAP data

Extract more value from your SAP data by improving data quality, making data more authoritative, and delivering the right data to the right person at the right time.

  • See all your business-critical data and relationships in a single 360-degree view. Informatica Master Data Management (MDM) integrates with the SAP application and others— on-premise, cloud-based, or through third party providers — to ensure they all use the same trusted, and complete information.
  • Protect and enhance data quality enterprise-wide. Informatica Data Quality embeds data quality services throughout your SAP application environment and SAP HANA, automates data quality tasks for simpler data governance, and generates comprehensive scorecards and reports for better data quality monitoring.

Retire SAP Application instances

Whether you're retiring SAP BW in favor of SAP HANA or simply reducing SAP instances, Informatica's comprehensive SAP application retirement strategy and ILM Nearline technologies eliminate costly additional hardware and software and streamline the process of migrating or consolidating data by importing and exporting data into binary formats.