Informatica Delivers Comprehensive, Timely, and Trusted Data For Governance, Risk, and Compliance

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., June 27, 2008 -  Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA), the leading independent provider of data integration software and services, today announced an initiative to help deliver comprehensive, timely, and trusted data to organizations focused on governance, risk and compliance (GRC).

According to a November 2007 Forrester report titled Topic Overview: Governance, Risk, And Compliance, “business complexity, along with increased regulatory and market scrutiny, is driving organizations to adopt a structured approach to governance, risk, and compliance (GRC).” 

An example of this pressure is Basel II regulation in financial services.  “Basel II sets the bar high on required data management practices,” said Neil Hershaw, Information Management Officer, M&S Money. “Compliance dictates the ability to correlate a significant history of consistent, accurate, and granular data. Equally, as an organization, we wanted to ensure we could always undertake quantitative measurement of our data to be utterly assured of its accuracy.”
Unfortunately, the data that is so vital to GRC initiatives is often fragmented across complex IT environments, out of date, and of poor quality. Informatica addresses these challenges by providing a unified data integration platform to:

  • Improve visibility and transparency into GRC activities with enterprise data integration
  • Deliver trusted information with data quality and accurate identity matching
  • Increase business agility and reduce risk with real-time data integration for all latency requirements
  • Reduce the cost of producing timely and trusted data for GRC, while improving business efficiencies with Integration Competency Centers and developer friendly software solutions
  • Satisfy regulatory data audit and documentation requirements with comprehensive metadata management, personalized data lineage, and data impact analysis
  • Cost effectively comply with industry data structures and formats, such as SWIFT for financial services, HIPAA and HL7 in healthcare, ACORD for insurance, and EDI in manufacturing, to satisfy regulators and improve business processes with Informatica’s complex data transformation solutions

“Banking regulations require that we institute safeguards to prevent Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, inclusive of collecting and verifying customer information,” said Mike Bassett, vice president and senior AML manager, Bank of America. “We utilize Informatica to test, and identify potential customer data “logical” defects.  The ensuing analysis and repair of these defects helps to ensure a high customer data quality standard, which is critical for use in our detection and investigation processes.”

“Access to complete, accurate, and timely information can be challenging for organizations dealing with GRC initiatives without the right data integration and data quality technology,” said Chris Boorman, chief marketing officer, Informatica. “An effective enterprise GRC strategy hinges on effective enterprise data integration; without access to comprehensive, trusted and timely high-quality data, it is impossible to manage all the myriad aspects of governance, risk, and compliance in a holistic and strategic fashion.”

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