Oi Calls On Informatica For Competitive Advantage

Brazil’s leading telecom builds revenue, market share and customer loyalty with Informatica data integration platform

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., September 03, 2008 -  Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA), the leading independent provider of data integration software and services, today announced that Oi, the largest telecommunications company in Brazil, is successfully using the Informatica data integration platform to simplify its IT infrastructure and help increase revenue, market share and customer loyalty. Created from the consolidation of 16 state state-run utilities into a single private entity in 1998, the US$14.5 billion company leverages the Informatica platform to enable the right-time business intelligence and single views of customers that drive its highly competitive program and service plan offerings, targeted marketing and sales activities, and exemplary customer service.    

“Our competitive advantage is the ability to mix bundles, combining wire line, wireless, broadband, and television; this increases customer loyalty and reduces churn. But we needed a single view of the customer and near real-time updates to our enterprise data warehouse to support these programs,” said Vera Helena de Ávila Duarte, enterprise IT manager, Oi. “Informatica gave us the single platform we needed. It has also given us agility so we can continue to lead in our market.”

“Oi” is Portuguese for “Hi,” and the company’s tagline is “Oi, as simple as that.” Seeking to maximize business agility and competitiveness, Oi implemented the Informatica platform to simplify the consolidation and management of data across its numerous predecessor companies and multiple incompatible systems, including information on more than 36 million customers. The Informatica PowerCenter platform now provides the underpinnings for Oi’s right-time enterprise data warehouse, leveraged by management for timely business intelligence, and by sales and marketing for consolidated customer and household views to power marketing campaigns and fuel up-sell and cross-sell activities. Customer service also leverages these up-to-the-minute consolidated views to respond quickly and decisively to customer requests.

Additionally, Oi leverages the integration of its various disparate systems to help power competitive new product and service initiatives, including bringing advantageous new programs, plans and product bundles to market faster and supporting them effectively. For example, when the company launched a prepaid service plan called “Oi Controle,” it used PowerCenter to link its CRM, billing and in-house pre-paid systems. The billing system flags customers eligible for a credit recharge, the recharge notice is validated against business rules in the CRM system, and the notice is sent over the pre-paid system to enable recharge for voice and data services. Consequently, Oi Controle customers are able to recharge their credits on schedule while the company has been able to respond to the ramping demand for recharging, thus helping to drive the on-going success of the Oi Controle program.

Robust, scalable infrastructure
Informatica has also provided Oi with a robust, scalable infrastructure to help sustain its business agility and growth. For example, the PowerCenter Pushdown Optimization option has enabled Oi to take advantage of the processing power of its Teradata data warehouse platform when running data integration and loading routines. This has allowed Oi to accelerate its warehousing loading process by a factor of 2x, which in turn has resulted in faster answers to sales and marketing queries and more rapid updates to customer views. Similarly, Oi is taking advantage of Informatica’s Enterprise Grid option to help optimize both the performance and scalability of its data integration environment.

Oi is also using Informatica PowerExchange data access software to source difficult-to-access mainframe data for subsequent integration with other enterprise data.

“Oi’s impressive post-merger growth underscores the value of the Informatica platform in making complex environments appear simple to internal data users and, ultimately, to customers,” said Girish Pancha, general manager, Enterprise Data Integration, Informatica. “Encapsulating the former operations of well over a dozen separate enterprises, Oi now presents a single, responsive face to customers across South America’s largest economy—a unified image anchored in the ability to integrate and deliver comprehensive, accurate data in right time across a widely divergent spectrum of information sources.”

About Oi
Headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Oi is the largest telecommunications company in Brazil with annual revenues of USD 14.5 billion, more than 36 million customers, and about 10,000 employees.

About Informatica

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