Partners Demonstrate Overwhelming Support For Informatica 9

Industry Leaders Voice Perspectives On Yet “Another Industry First” From Informatica

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., November 10, 2009 -  Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA) the world’s number one independent provider of data integration software, today announced substantial industry support for Informatica 9, the industry’s only comprehensive, unified and open platform for data integration and first infrastructure platform for the data-driven enterprise.

“Informatica and Deloitte Consulting LLP share a common mission to deliver value to our clients,” said Rich Cohen, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “We have combined our depth and breadth of advisory and implementation related consulting services experience with the next-generation data integration technologies in the Informatica 9 Platform to develop services designed to help our shared clients in their efforts to rapidly uncover new markets, target new customers, and eliminate costly operational errors and delays.”

Other leading systems integrators and technology partners expressed support for Informatica 9 including:

Business and IT Collaboration

Adastra (Canada) -“World-class Business Intelligence, Data Integration, Data Warehousing and Master Data Management have been made more achievable than ever with Informatica 9. With enhanced features that support IT in the delivery of solutions, Informatica 9 will substantially influence the way Adastra provides its clients with relevant, trusted data, and competitive advantage.”
- Darren Edery, CEO

Aster Data Systems - “The new business-IT collaboration, pervasive data quality, and SOA-based data services capabilities in Informatica 9 open up a whole new world to Aster Data Systems’ clients. The combination of the Informatica 9 Platform with Aster Data’s ‘Massively Parallel Data-Application Server’, nCluster, will enable customers to handle bigger data volumes and do ultra-fast analysis at massive scales. Our joint clients will benefit from increased time to value, faster analysis and deeper insights from their data assets in many scenarios such as fraud detection, customer intelligence, trending & forecasting, customer personalization and targeting.”
 - Raj Pai, Vice President, Strategic Alliances

Collaborative Consulting - “Informatica 9 will help Collaborative Consulting’s clients drive performance through business-focused IT solutions. Allowing seamless collaboration between both the business and IT Informatica 9 will help our clients to capture and utilize business intelligence, design optimal IT architectures, integrate data, and accelerate their decision making.”
- John Williams, Senior Vice President, Consulting Services

Daugherty Business Solutions - “Collaboration between Business and IT is the key to successfully leveraging the massive amounts of data gathered in today’s corporations. Getting to that point can be complicated and costly. Informatica 9 delivers a single solution that is easy to use for Business and IT, eliminates redundancy and data quality issues, and requires minimal effort to implement and deploy.”
- Mike Foster, Line of Service Leader - Business Intelligence

Grant Thornton LLP - “As a leading business intelligence solutions provider, one of Grant Thornton’s greatest challenges is bridging the gap between the users who understand the business best and the developers who construct their solutions. We are excited to see that Informatica 9 addresses this need and believe it ultimately will result in more accurate requirements, more rapid deployments, and greater satisfaction for both users and developers. The new offerings and functionality around data integration and data quality will add significant value to Grant Thornton’s service delivery to our clients in the public sector with emerging needs to pull together a variety of information for transparency purposes.”
- Shobhik Chaudhuri, Partner

Netezza - “When paired with the Netezza data warehouse appliance, Informatica 9 forms the foundation for enterprise data warehousing success. The technology that underwrites Informatica 9 is an industry-leading enterprise data integration platform that allows our joint clients to access, discover and integrate all their data assets without any misunderstanding between business priorities and what IT delivers.”
- Matthew Rollender Director of Strategic and Technology Partnerships

Softpath Systems - “Softpath's clients are constantly looking for more efficient tools to rapidly iterate through project cycles and share information faster as part of their business intelligence strategy.  Informatica 9 empowers the business to be more self-sufficient and IT to increase its productivity while ensuring business and IT can collaborate on the same data and the same rules. This helps ensure that our joint clients manage the interaction with enterprise information more effectively.”
- Ken Norris, Vice President, Sales Operations

The Athene Group - “The powerful new functionality in Informatica 9 will streamline the way the business analyzes customer data, the way it sets up the rules to keep the data clean, and the way it tests those rules. By empowering seamless business and IT communication, Informatica 9 will ultimately help The Athene Group clients to reduce their reliance on IT.”
- Sanjeev Kumar, CEO

Trinus Corporation - “Informatica 9 takes away the language and collaboration barriers Trinus’ clients experience between the business teams who understand and define the business requirements for data, and the IT team responsible for technical deployment. Resulting in fewer delays, disconnect or data integration disasters.”
- Sanjay Kucheria, CEO

Visionary Integration Professionals - “As a partner since 1999, Visionary Integration Professionals (VIP) is excited about Informatica 9 as it enables in-depth integration between business users and IT. By using a common integrated toolset, we now have the ability to collaborate more effectively on our projects.  And the flexible views we can create to access the metadata allows us to setup an environment that works for all types of users. This provides a powerful means to enable Data Governance. We are excited about the opportunity this presents to our customers, in both the business and IT communities.”
- David Knoll, Vice President, Delivery Services

Pervasive Data Quality

Capgemini (Germany) - “Using the pervasive data quality capabilities in Informatica 9, Capgemini clients in Germany can build confidence and trust in their application data in all locales using universal connectivity and data quality services. They will also increase productivity by enabling all business stakeholders to participate with role-based tools while simultaneously reducing the reliance on IT.”
- Rüdiger Eberlein, Capgemini sd&m, Technical Head of CoC Business Intelligence

CGI Federal - “The nature of our federal client’s business requires them to meet stringent data quality standards. In addition, because our clients deal with high volume data coming from hundreds of disparate data sources and have hundreds of millions of records to maintain, they need a data quality tool with robust functionality capable of immense speed and scalability. The pervasive data quality capabilities in Informatica 9 will enable our federal clients to take all their data (structured or unstructured) and turn it into better data that can be used in downstream processes.”
- Kamran Kamrani, Director of CGI Federal Business Intelligence Practice

Edgewater Technology, Inc. - “High quality data has a huge impact on the successful implementation and adoption of any Enterprise Information Management (EIM) project and should not be underestimated. Edgewater will leverage the Informatica 9 pervasive data quality tool set to create actionable information that will help mitigate risk and contribute to project success. The powerful functionality being introduced in Informatica 9, such as Web-based scorecards, will accelerate business-driven data quality improvements by identifying, prioritizing and tracking the data quality issues which are costing money.”
- Kenneth Parks, Director of Consulting

Headstrong - “Improving the quality of reference data –both counterparty and financial instrument related - is a critical activity in the life-cycle of building a ‘golden copy’ of data from multiple sources. To accomplish this, most of our clients in the securities industry implement elaborate manual processes, establish check-points using excel sheets, build simple utilities, or have a team of dedicated business analysts monitoring data quality. Headstrong sees the Informatica 9 toolset as a much needed enabler to building rules and checks in the data loading process itself. This should significantly streamline data quality issues and bring immediate productivity gains to our customers.”
- Acky Kamdar, Managing Director, Reference Data Practice

Highpoint Solutions - “Our clients are grappling with the realities of meeting the latest HIPAA X12 5010 standards, driving collaborative efficiencies in adjudicating claims, and delivering pervasive data quality through their constituencies. Whether they be providers, electronic clearing houses, or payers, Informatica 9 provides a base from which we believe great things will happen with our customers.”
- Chris Colapietro, Vice President, Strategy

HP - “Our customers look to gain competitive advantage through timely, accurate and more informed business decisions.  The combination of HP Business Intelligence Solutions and the Informatica 9 platform provides that competitive edge by improving collaboration between IT and business users, and speeding access to accurate, trusted data through governed data services.”
- Giuliano Di Vitantonio, Head of Marketing and Alliances, Business Intelligence Solutions

Information Control Corporation - “The true value of business intelligence is enabling clients to not only contain costs, but increase revenue stream. The pervasive data quality functionality of Informatica 9 will help ICC’s clients generate real dollar savings by providing the right tools to support all stakeholders who need to be involved in data quality processes. ICC clients are finding great value in migrating established applications to Informatica 9 to dramatically advance their business processes related to revenue generation.” 
- Jim Gallo, BI Partner Channels

InformationsFabrik (Germany) - “One of the overriding priorities for Informationsfabrik is to ensure our clients’ data is clean and stays clean. With Informatica 9, pervasive data quality becomes a reality: accurate, trusted data can be applied to all our clients’ data, across all of their applications.”
- Ingo Meister, CEO

IOLAP - “Ultimately, if data quality is not adequately addressed, the value of the entire Data Warehouse or Business Intelligence solution cannot be fully realized. Since helping iOLAP clients ‘drive higher value’ from their Business Intelligence initiatives is key to our success, we view pervasive data quality and the new tools introduced as part of Informatica 9 as absolutely critical and a game changer for Informatica and our joint clients.” 
- Pete Dempster, Vice President, Business Development and Strategy

ISA Consulting - “Informatica’s comprehensive, integrated portfolio of pervasive data quality solutions are integral components of ISA’s end-to-end business intelligence and performance management deployments. Informatica 9 will extend that capability with role-specific tools for all stakeholders, complete support for all data types, and access to any data source and application.”
- Lou Polisano, CEO

LoganBritton Inc - “Informatica 9 arrives right on time. Now more than ever, with increased focus on regulatory compliance and corporate governance, data quality is a strategic corporate issue for LoganBritton clients. Informatica 9 enables sustainable, pervasive data quality for all business applications and processes, regardless of the type of data, empowering active participation of business owners and developers.”
- Tom Quintal, Executive Vice President and COO

MicroStrategy - “MicroStrategy 9 and Informatica 9 are innovative platform technologies that together deliver a full range of capabilities to support greater access to high quality data and enable better decision-making at all levels of an organization. The latest advances in the Informatica platform, combined with the breakthrough performance of MicroStrategy 9, will make it possible for organizations of all sizes to discover new insights, revolutionize the way data is accessed and delivered, and allow end users to make smarter business decisions every day.” 
- Peng Xiao, Chief Information Officer

Scalable Systems - “The combination of Scalable Systems expertise with Informatica 9 provides a platform for easy access to clean, intuitive data with multi-dimensional views to effectively improve decision-making. This provides our joint clients with an unrivalled process for analyzing market predictability, consumer behavior, hidden patterns in past performance as well as emerging market opportunities and competitive advantages.”
- Sam Biswal, CEO

Symcon Global Technologies (SGT) - “SGT’s clients are constantly challenged to deliver accurate and reliable information at the right time and place to the right person. As one of Informatica’s premier partners in the Oil and Gas Industry focused on Data Quality we are excited about the release of Informatica 9 and the increased capabilities for driving business intelligence and reliable data quality for our mutual customers, assuring them the ability to make timely and accurate decisions with quality data.”
- Kumar Bashyam, CEO

Siperian - “A majority of our customers already use Informatica for their data integration and data quality requirements. The new Pervasive Data Quality tools being introduced in Informatica 9, together with Siperian’s MDM Hub, will enable our joint customers to more fully trust and leverage their data for competitive business advantage.”
- Jack Nolan, Vice President, Global Alliances

Teradata - “Informatica 9 allows our joint customers to implement data quality more pervasively in upstream operational systems, thus ensuring optimized, trusted data is available from Teradata to our customers broad scale Business Intelligence community.”
- Stephen Brobst, CTO

Trident Technologies - “Trident clients want to fix data quality faster, across all applications, and across all geographies. The pervasive data quality solution in Informatica 9 proactively cleanses the data for all applications and keeps it clean; it enables the business to share the responsibility for data quality and data governance; and it allows business and IT to quickly iterate through project cycles and share information faster. The pervasive data quality capabilities in Informatica 9 will increase the confidence and trust Trident and Informatica clients have in their enterprise data.”
- Suzanne Arroyo, President and CEO

Zyme Solutions - “Informatica 9 will enable us to increase the capabilities of our channel data integrity platform, and enable Zyme clients to achieve greater efficiencies in their business processes. With the pervasive data quality capabilities in Informatica 9, our clients will be able to focus their attention on making better business decisions with good data, in a timely manner.”
- Ted Dimbero, Senior Vice President, Operations

SOA-based Data Services

e2e Analytix - “The combination of Informatica 9, and its powerful new Data Quality and SOA capabilities, with e2e’s successful implementation track record will help us to empower a larger community of business users and marks a new milestone in our already successful 10 year partnership with Informatica.”
- Deepak Vashist, Vice President, Business Development

Endeca - “Across the enterprise, Endeca’s search applications and Informatica 9 SOA-based data services will help the world’s leading companies leverage their information assets to grow revenues, improve profitability, and increase customer loyalty. Business professionals and IT groups alike increasingly look for applications that create a single view of information across a broad variety of relevant sources. With the launch of Informatica 9, Endeca and Informatica will accelerate the development and adoption of applications that blend structured and unstructured information from databases, warehouses, and enterprise business systems with content from product lifecycle management (PLM) and enterprise content management (ECM) systems to improve daily decision-making.”
- Jason Purcell, Senior Vice president of Marketing and Product Management

Greenplum - “The combination of Greenplum and Informatica 9 will ensure clients benefit from even faster, more flexible access to all their data for business intelligence and analytics. In particular, the new SOA-based data services capabilities in Informatica 9 will enable Greenplum customers to respond to new and changing needs for data now, immediately delivering the data in the way they need it for increased business agility, instead of waiting weeks or months.”
- Scott Yara, President

Myers Holum - “Informatica 9 will dramatically improve our ability to implement Master Data Management (MDM) solutions for our clients. The new SOA based data services will enable us to re-use the same data quality rules and transformations across the many MDM implementation styles needed to solve the complex integration challenges our clients encounter.”
- David Chu, CTO

Saama Technologies, Inc - “Saama has been involved in numerous BI projects across all industry verticals and found that current industry solutions do not effectively address the challenge of data fragmentation. When clients have a pressing need for quick access to disparate data, we have to work with numerous technologies and products, each with their own approach to data integration. This approach increases the project cost, duration and risk. We are excited about Informatica 9, as it offers a single, tightly integrated solution that can handle any integration scenario and delivers a whole range of reusable data services for any application quickly and in a cost effective manner.”
- Murali Pabbisetty,Partner

Wipro Technologies - “Informatica 9’s unique approach to SOA-based data services will enable a new set of data-driven solutions for our clients. As one of the leading Information Management service providers we have delivered complex data integration solutions on Informatica platform to our global clients. This new product will help implement the necessary controls and deliver the long-desired value of an SOA architecture, maximizing our customers’ ability to compete successfully based on data driven decisions.”
- Srini Pallia, Senior Vice President & Global Head, Business Technology Services

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