Sage Spain Selects Informatica Identity Resolution To Achieve A Single View Of Its Customers

Optimizes Campaign Management and Payments Collection; Ensures Compliance with the Data Protection Act

MADRID, Spain, June 08, 2010 -   Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA), the world’s number one independent provider of data integration software, today announced that Sage Spain, a leading provider of business management software for businesses and public administration, has expanded its Informatica Platform footprint with the introduction of Informatica Identity Resolution.  Sage Spain will use Informatica Identity Resolution as part of a customer master data initiative, in order to effectively search and match customer identity data in real time.

Sage has been using the Informatica Platform for five years: Informatica PowerCenter accelerates data integration processes and Informatica Data Quality ensures the quality of  data allowing Sage Spain to unify key information in various data marts and provide the company’s senior management with the necessary autonomy to consult this information. Now, with the addition of Informatica Identity Resolution, Sage Spain will implement a customer-oriented Master Data Management project (CDI) to obtain a complete view of the customer through the reconciliation of incomplete, inconsistent, or duplicate identity data housed in the different formats and multiple systems across the enterprise.

Sage incorporates six business units― SMEs and freelancers, business management solutions, professional firms, government, financial solutions and education―each of which has its own internal management system. This makes it difficult for Sage Spain to implement global strategies, marketing and financial initiatives. Moreover, the various sources of information―whether a marketing campaign, a customer service call, or an invoice―complicate day-to-day operations and result in added costs. This includes duplicated or incorrect shipments and marketing campaigns communicated to non-target audiences.

“Our goal is to ensure we know our customer better, offer the highest possible level of service and provide them with an extraordinary experience,” says Federico Sánchez, Head of Information Systems, Sage. “Informatica Identity Resolution will help us generate more business opportunities by facilitating, for example, cross-selling opportunities and adjusting bids to the particular characteristics of each client. This would be difficult to achieve unless we have a single, complete, and precise view of the customers.”

Sage Spain chose Informatica Identity Resolution based on the simple and complete integration with its existing Informatica Platform, together with the robust and scalable comparison of identity data. “The support offered by Informatica, as well as its approach and the trust we have in the company, have also been significant factors influencing our decision,” adds Federico Sánchez.

The high-precision, high-volume Informatica Identity Resolution software will search Sage Spain’s identity data to find matches accurately and quickly, regardless of language, structure, format, location, duplication, omissions, or errors. The solution discovers connections among people, accounts, organisations, and products that might be hidden in the Sage Spain data to deliver reliably accurate search, match, or grouping results.

“One of the biggest challenges faced by organisations trying to gain a strategic advantage through information is the management of data―errors and variations are inevitable,” says Emilio Valdes, Director of Spain and Portugal, Informatica. “Informatica Identity Resolution mimics the ability of an intelligent user to determine a match based on a number of factors beyond spelling, phonetic errors, and omissions data, while providing the speed and scalability needed to perform fast searches of large volumes in very large databases. This provides a complete view of the customer to all the people involved in customer interaction, enabling them to offer a service tailored to each customer’s specific situation.”

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