Informatica Releases New Ultra Messaging Offering

Latency Busters Messaging 4.0 Delivers Breakthrough Performance for Financial Services Operations

SIFMA FINANCIAL SERVICES TECHNOLOGY EXPO, NEW YORK CITY, New York, June 21, 2010 -  Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA), the world’s number one independent provider of enterprise data integration software, today announced the immediate availability of significant upgrades and additions to its Ultra Messaging product line, including Latency Busters Messaging (LBM) 4.0, a major new release of the ultra low-latency messaging flagship product.

Informatica is the leader in high-performance ultra low-latency messaging and LBM 4.0 delivers performance increases to what is already the most efficient and lowest-latency messaging technology on the market. LBM 4.0 incorporates a new shared memory-based mode of transporting data among applications running on the same machine called Inter-Process Communications (IPC). In benchmark tests, LBM 4.0 has demonstrated sub-microsecond average latencies as low as 660 nanoseconds and maximum fan-out throughput of 21 million messages per second. 

These capabilities, coupled with a proven nearly linear horizontal scaling to multiple CPU cores, make LBM 4.0 a breakthrough solution for high-frequency electronic trading and other financial services operations. For example, with the performance increases provided by LBM 4.0, a complete trading system can now be run on a single server, eliminating potentially half a dozen network hops, which quickly adds up to hundreds of microseconds, if not milliseconds, of latency cut from the system.

“With LBM 4.0 and other new offerings now in production, we continue to push the performance envelope for ultra low-latency messaging and make available products of immediate and exceptional value to financial services organizations,” said Mark Mahowald, general manager, Ultra Messaging, Informatica. “Low latency messaging gives our customers a competitive advantage in their business, which is critical as scalability and speed are imperative to stay one step ahead of the competition. Since the recent 29West acquisition by Informatica, we have been able to further accelerate our pace of innovation and broaden the ways we serve the financial services industry.”

In addition to LBM 4.0, Informatica also announced the general availability and enhancements to two other Ultra Messaging offerings:

  • Ultra Low-Latency Load Balancing (ULB) – Now generally available, ULB enables Ultra Messaging processes to be horizontally scaled across multiple CPU or servers without the need for complex development work. This makes it easier for front office developers to leverage parallel processing performance for demanding messaging applications such as high-frequency trading.
  • Ultra Messaging Queuing (UMQ) Edition – Now generally available, the new UMQ Edition extends the performance and reliability advantages of the Ultra Messaging line to back- and middle-office applications requiring low-latency, once-and-only-once messaging. UMQ Edition provides fault tolerant queuing, low-latency load balancing, and multiple dissemination models for flexible application design.

Ultra Messaging will be showcased at the Informatica booth 1503 at SIFMA’s 30th Annual Financial Services Technology Expo, June 22 - 24, in New York City.

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