Informatica Announces Updated Complex Event Processing Release

Delivers Broader Platform Support, Faster User Onboarding and Lower Latency Event Processing

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., August 02, 2010 -  Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA), the world’s number one independent provider of enterprise data integration software, today announced the immediate availability of Informatica RulePoint 5.1, furthering the company’s leadership in the fast-growing Complex Event Processing (CEP) category. RulePoint enables enterprises to rapidly detect, immediately analyze and intelligently respond to data-driven events.

The new version of RulePoint features significant enhancements including:

  • Rapid user onboarding - Through versatility and ease-of-use, including allowing non-technical users to easily specify simple alerts and complex rules across multiple, diverse data sources such as real-time message queues, databases, click streams, telemetry feeds and control systems.
  • Support for broader customer environments – Adds support for IBM DB2, Oracle 11g R1, Firefox 3.6 and Java 1.6 to RulePoint’s already extensive set of supported platforms.
  • Lower latency processing through Change Data Capture – Introduces the ability to capture only new data and micro-data changes within SQL databases as they happen for more rapid response to events. 
  • Higher performance event enrichment – SQL Analytic Result Set Caching and Web Services Result Set Caching increase system performance and greatly reduce the load on external databases and web services when event enrichment is triggered.
  • Extended geospatial capabilities – GeoOutsideArea and Multi-Dimensional Arrays provide additional geospatial functionality for geo-aware event processing.
  • Optional metadata – Metadata properties can be configured for each data source and attached to the event, including source of the data, data location, whether the data has been verified or not.

Informatica CEP technology is beneficial to organizations in a broad variety of private and public sector use cases, from fraud and policy violation detection, to customer and payment activities, as well as logistics, security and defense. Additional customer uses include:

  • Corporate Procurement and Spend Controls – Provides continuous monitoring and notification of non-compliant use of corporate expense cards and better vendor management and price negotiation.
  • Maritime Domain Awareness – Identifies suspicious or troubled boats based on geospatial patterns. Proactive intervention against smuggling, piracy and emergency issues.
  • Putting the “Smart” in SmartMeter – Manages city-wide SmartMeters and helps families better understand and control household electricity consumption based on many variables including: peak rates, appliance usage, weather conditions, area trends and more.

“Almost every company has operational activities that run continuously and must respond quickly to changing conditions. These are the scenarios where CEP can provide significant benefit,” according to the October 2009 Gartner report, “The Growing Impact of Commercial Complex-Event Processing Products.” Gartner Vice President and Distinguished Analyst Roy Schulte also predicts in the report that “the market for commercial CEP products is expected to reach approximately $580 million in annual software revenue by 2013, with a 31% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2008 to 2013.”

“We continue to extend the functionality and value of Informatica RulePoint in parallel with integrating its differentiated CEP capabilities with the industry-leading Informatica Platform,” said Mike Appelbaum, vice president and general manager, Complex Event Processing, Informatica. “The synergy between CEP and enterprise data integration plays out across numerous use cases and is a major factor in enabling enterprises to become truly data-driven. By providing the greatest business visibility around events across the extended enterprise, Informatica looks to establish a leadership position in this market.”

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