Customers Share Support For Informatica 9.1 Platform For Big Data

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., June 06, 2011 -  Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA) the world's number one independent provider of data integration software, today announced support from customers for Informatica 9.1, the industry's first unified data integration platform designed to unleash the full business potential of Big Data to empower the data centric-enterprise.

"The industry is experiencing something never seen before - Big Data, which is the confluence of three technology trends: Big Transaction Data, Big Interaction Data and Big Data Processing,"said Chris Boorman, chief marketing officer, Informatica. "With Informatica 9.1 our customers have access and support for all three to leverage data from a variety of traditional to new sources – such as social media or call data records - to make important business decisions while maximizing the data's business value. Informatica 9.1 was developed with the express purpose of turning Big Data challenges into big opportunities for Informatica customers and partners."

Informatica 9.1 for Big Data empowers the data-centric enterprise by providing four critical capabilities:

Customers supporting Informatica 9.1 include:

Informatica 9.1 for Big Data to Empower the Data-centric Enterprise

EMC - "Over the next few years, we expect to save significant operational expense by removing redundant applications accumulated through acquisition and decommissioning of legacy systems. This allows us to free up valuable IT personnel and save $1 million in budget to focus on higher value activities."
 - Ramesh Razdan, senior director of IT and Distinguished Engineer

HealthNow New York - "We are excited about Informatica 9.1 as it is truly the industry's most advanced data integration platform. With Informatica 9.1, we can access any data including interactional data, process the data anywhere, deliver the data at any latency to any consuming application, and maximize productivity with self-service and business-IT collaboration. We can reuse data services across all projects and mitigate risk by proactively ensuring that the data use is consistent and accurate. We can future-proof our business by leveraging flexible deployment options that scale per our needs. Informatica Data Services v9.1 offers the best ROI for enterprises like ours' that are looking to become even more agile."
 - Rob Myers,Enterprise Data Warehouse Solution Architect

Union Bank - "Informatica Data Warehouse Advisor helps us ensure that our business community is maximizing the utilization of our data warehouse while controlling our delivery costs. By integrating with Informatica PowerCenter, it provides IT managers with tremendous insight to assess the service levels of business-critical data loads."
 - Steve Waters, vice president, Enterprise Business Intelligence, Systems and Data Architecture

Informatica 9.1: Big Data Integration

LinkShare - "LinkShare has been the pioneer in turning massive amounts of campaign and advertising data into business value for our customers and partners. Now Big Data is making pervasive impact to every part of LinkShare's online pay-per-action marketing network. By leveraging Informatica 9.1 for Big Data, Contextual Data Services and Self Service, LinkShare will be able to roll out new products faster, meet customer demands for reporting and analysis more effectively, increase reuse of integration logic and consequently accelerate our growth."
 - David Ramos, Director of Business Intelligence and Analytics

U.S. Xpress Inc. - "No data is discarded anymore! U.S. Xpress leverages a large scale of transaction data and a diversity of interaction data, now extended to perform big data processing like Hadoop with Informatica 9.1.  We assess driver performance with image files and pick up customer behaviors from texts by customer service reps. U.S. Xpress saved millions of dollars per year by reducing fuels and optimizing routes augmenting our enterprise data with sensor, meter, RFID tags and geospatial data."
 - Tim Leonard, Chief Technology Officer

Informatica 9.1: Authoritative and Trustworthy Data

Station Casinos - "Station Casinos is moving to a position of customer centricity with Informatica. The technology allow us to align service levels to customer value to drive deeper, long-term, and profitable relationships. It improves business agility and speed to better meet gaming customer needs and gain a competitive advantage. And it enables Station Casinos to make relevant cross-sell and up-sell offers to customer."
 - Karen O'Dell, BI Product Director and Director of Business Systems

Informatica 9.1: Self-service

HealthNow New York - Informatica 9.1 represents a significant shift in the way enterprises go about doing data integration in the future. It places the analyst at the center of the data integration process, along-with architects and developers. Building on Informatica's metadata-driven approach to data integration, the Informatica Data Integration Analyst lets the business take an active part in the development of data integration logic and rules governing the data, using wizards. By leveraging common metadata, IT can then enrich and reuse the logic to deliver the data to any application using the data virtualization capabilities of Informatica Data Services. With Informatica 9.1, the business can finally own the data while IT continues to retain control."
- Rob Myers,Enterprise Data Warehouse Solution Architect

T-Mobile - "Informatica's self-service data integration doubles productivity by eliminating manual steps and empowering analysts to do more on their own without assistance from IT.  Analysts can define and validate source-to-target specifications in an intuitive browser-based tool without the need for a data architect or DBA to get involved. On top of that, once the analyst creates the source-to-target specification, the mapping logic is automatically generated for a developer to deploy to production."
 - Sean Hickey, Manager Data Integration Architecture

Vale – "Traditional methods of using spreadsheets to manage specifications can be inefficient and error prone. We are excited about the self-service data integration capabilities in Informatica 9.1 to help us deliver projects faster. The Informatica Data Integration Analyst option improves business-IT collaboration and eliminates errors by empowering the business to interactively define specifications and automatically generate mappings for deployment to production."
 - Marco Eugênio Carvalho, Integration Architect

Informatica 9.1: Adaptive Data Services

HealthNow New York – "Informatica Data Services 9.1 advances the industry's most innovative data virtualization and data services technology. Version 9.0 enabled us to use our Informatica skills to complement our data architecture with data virtualization to deliver data for operational reporting up to five times faster and at a third of the cost. With version 9.1, we will be able to further accelerate the delivery of data and increase productivity with the new self-service data integration, improved business-IT collaboration, data masking on-the-fly and pre-built application accelerators. We are looking forward to Informatica 9.1 as it offers us a flexible and agile data integration platform to standardize on for our enterprise wide operational reporting, MDM and SOA initiatives."
- Rob Myers,Enterprise Data Warehouse Solution Architect

Squaretwo Financial - We have adopted a data services and service-oriented architecture to ensure we have the agility and adaptability we need in the face of constant change. We are excited about the advanced capabilities of Informatica 9.1 that are built to support our architectural principles and best practices for accessing all types of data including big data, delivering reusable data services to support all our projects, building a data abstraction layer for SOA implementations, accelerating future data integration projects with business-driven self-service data integration, provisioning real-time data quality, and exchanging data between partners."
 - William Flood, ETL Team Lead

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