Partners Show Overwhelming Support For Informatica 9.1 For Big Data Offering And Launch

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., June 06, 2011 -  Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA) the world's number one independent provider of data integration software, today announced overwhelming industry support for Informatica 9.1, the industry's first unified data integration platform designed to unleash the full business potential of Big Data to empower the data centric-enterprise.

"With Informatica's nearly two decades of data integration innovation and leadership, the company is uniquely positioned to tackle Big Data and today more than  50 Informatica partners expressed support for Informatica 9.1," said Paul Hoffman, President, WW Field Operations at Informatica. "Informatica 9.1 was developed with the express purpose of turning Big Data challenges into big opportunities for Informatica customers and our partners. Working in conjunction with Informatica's vast global partner ecosystem, Informatica 9.1 uniquely delivers well-differentiated support for Big Data trends on a single platform to empower the data-centric enterprise."

Informatica 9.1 for Big Data Empowers the Data-Centric Enterprise by providing four critical capabilities:

Leading global systems integrators technology partners, channel partners and independent software partners supporting Informatica 9.1 include:

Informatica 9.1 for Big Data to Empower the Data-centric Enterprise

3sage Consulting, LLC - "We help our clients realize that data is the foundation of business, and that they must manage their information as a strategic corporate asset. To do so, they must deploy holistic solutions to enable them to manage the quality, consistency, and agility of data throughout their enterprise. Informatica 9.1 provides a single platform, enabling our clients to manage data of any volume, diversity or complexity as a service to all projects, across all time scales."
 - Rick Young, Managing Director

Crowe Horwath LLP - "As a leading provider of information management solutions for financial services firms, Crowe Horwath welcomes the release of Informatica 9.1. This faster, more powerful and streamlined product provides new technology for business users to assess the quality of their data. We're currently helping a number of clients migrate to Informatica 9.1, which we believe should facilitate better regulatory compliance and risk integration across the lines of business."
 - Tapan Shah, Senior Manager

Edgewater Technology - "Informatica has a truly world-class set of data mapping, quality assurance, ETL, and information life-cycle management tools that extend and scale very naturally to the growing needs of today's increasingly data-intensive healthcare enterprise. With Informatica 9.1's integrated suite, Edgewater has become a trusted strategic and technology services partner, enabling our clients' healthcare executives and leaders to continually innovate and adapt to the ever-changing scientific, technological, regulatory, economic and competitive landscape."
- Kenneth Parks, Director of Consulting

HCL America - "PowerCenter is the hub of our integration infrastructure. With the 9.1 release, we will be able to upgrade our data integration capabilities and take on even more projects. And the upgrade process to the 9 version has been easy and painless—just like we would expect from Informatica."
 - Prasad Chodavarapu – VP & Global Delivery Head – Transformation Services

HP - "To compete effectively and keep up with the pace of change in their industry, our clients need the ability to turn information into relevant, actionable insight to drive business value. This requires a robust information infrastructure with analytic capability. The combination of HP Enterprise Information Solutions and Informatica 9.1 provides clients with a solid information integration foundation, enabling them to better exploit their information, transform information into insight, and take advantage of new business opportunities."
 - Massimo Pellegrino, Vice President, Enterprise Information Solutions, HP

Softpath System LLC - "Informatica's comprehensive, unified, open data integration platform has long been at the heart of our data and information infrastructure.  Its latest release, Informatica 9.1, adds critical capabilities in areas such as Big Data, master data management, data quality, and data services to deliver trustworthy, actionable, and authoritative information directly to the business."
 - Ravi Chander, CEO


Informatica 9.1: Big Data Integration

Attensity - "As customer data and analytical needs increase exponentially -- fueled by growth in social media and internal customer data sources like email, CRM notes and survey responses -- both enterprise and government organizations require Big Data scale.  Informatica 9.1 combined with Attensity's market-leading text analytics solution helps our large customers leverage both their high-volume structured and unstructured customer data as a business asset.  Through multi-channel data integration, transformation, quality, and master data management, combined with deep multi-channel analytics, organizations can understand and act on sentiment, issues, suggestions, and requests at scale and in real time in order to delight their customers."
- Ian Hersey, Chief Technology Officer

Cloudera - "Data-driven organizations are challenged not just by the structuring of new classes of enterprise data, but also with efficiently scaling the collection and processing of that data. This is a primary driver in the broad adoption of our Apache Hadoop-based solutions.  It's exciting that users of Informatica's data integration platform can now easily interact with Cloudera's Distribution including Apache Hadoop. The integration of Cloudera's products and the Informatica platform enables PowerCenter users to immediately interact with data in Hadoop and expands their ability to derive valuable insights from complex and unstructured data sets."
 - Ed Albanese, Head of Business Development

Cognizant - "Virtualization, cloud computing and social networking, while enabling more efficient and effective ways of working, add complexity to the assembly and management of enterprise data. With a platform like Informatica 9.1 for Big Data, we can help clients more effectively integrate growing volumes of data – upstream and downstream – by establishing 'social connectivity' to accelerate the conversion of raw information into precision insight. Our Big Data Center of Excellence leverages leading-edge products like Informatica 9.1 to help clients extract ever-increasing business value from the growing deluge of enterprise data. As such, we look forward to the advanced metadata features in the next release of the Platform to help us deliver faster impact analysis."
 - Karthik Krishnamurthy, Global Business Leader of Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence & Performance Management Practice

Dell - "The massive acceleration in the volume and variety of data is both an opportunity and a challenge for business process owners and IT application owners at Dell, and for our customers that deal with "big data." The big data integration capabilities of Informatica 9.1 are key and will enable us to capitalize on the opportunity and mitigate the challenges of "big data" so we can monetize it and open the door for Dell and our Dell Services customers to get ahead of the competition."
 - Mike Lampa, Director, Business Intelligence Analytics Portfolio Development

EMC - "EMC has been empowering organizations to adopt new and more effective strategies to manage Big Data. Now with our EMC Greenplum Data Computing Appliance (DCA) line of products, our customers can drive new business initiatives, new sources of revenue, and new ways of doing research — all while addressing the increasing need for performance and cost-effective storage options.  With Informatica 9.1, we look forward to seeing our joint customers tackle the world of Big Data to drive competitive advantage."
 - Scott Yara, Co-founder of Greenplum and Vice President of Products, Data Computing Division

Experis IT - "Once again Informatica recognizes a need in the market to tap into the ever-expanding data sources and data types that exist today, both internally and externally.  Others talk about "BI Light" - Informatica 9.1 brings us "Big Data Rich."   This allows Experis to reduce the time it takes our clients to support new business initiatives by shifting to an architecture based on reusable data services.  Experis consulting strengths combined with Big Data Services capabilities ensure clients that we can deliver data of any volume, diversity or complexity as a service to all projects, across all time scales."
 - Jeff Eckhaus, Director BI Practice

Expert System - "Data is at the heart of an organization, be it for an enterprise or a government institution. Industry leaders have been relying on Informatica and Expert System to turn evolving insights into sentiment analysis through semantic understanding of Big Data. Informatica 9.1 helps our customers leverage massive transaction data and interaction data like social media, clickstream and image files for improved analytics and operations. Expert System also looks forward to helping our joint customers with a Big Data processing framework, such as Hadoop, to extend their environment."
 - Marco Varone, Chief Technology Officer

Information Control Corporation - "The true value of business intelligence is enabling customers to not only contain costs, but increase revenue streams.  Informatica's ability to turn Big Data into actionable information will help Information Control Corporation's clients achieve real value by providing the right solutions to support all stakeholders who need to be involved in big data analytics and integration processes. ICC clients are certain to find huge benefits in leveraging Informatica 9.1 to support their big data applications to underpin their strategic business processes."
 - Jim Gallo, Partner Channels Manager

Lunexa - "Our clients in vertical industries from Financial Services to Telecommunications are seeking solutions to leverage their data at the most granular level – including transaction and order details, web hits, clicks and media plays, and call detail records. All of these present Big Data processing challenges. Informatica 9.1, the most recent Informatica Platform release, addresses these challenges by continuing to advance the frontiers of data integration to now embrace Big Data. The Informatica 9.1 Platform gives our team of Lunexa consultants the ability to deliver leading-edge and high quality data integration and analytics solutions to our clients – many of whom have been facing the challenges of Big Data for the past decade."
 - Alex Macievich, Partner

ParAccel – "For the past five years, ParAccel has been at the forefront of "Big Data Analytics" – ensuring that our customers get more value from all of their available data.  Together with Informatica 9.1, we further empower customers to tackle the most complex analytic challenges using increasingly diverse volumes of data. Our growing partnership with Informatica ensures that our joint customers can take full advantage of new data types like social, sensor, electronic medical record (EMR), and RFID data, as well as emerging technologies and trends such as Hadoop and NoSQL."
 - Barry Zane, Chief Technology Officer

Systems Evolution, Inc. - "Informatica is once again at the forefront of data integration innovation. This time they lead the way in support of the trends around big data. Regardless of whether a customer's needs require interaction with "big transaction data," "big data processing" or "big interaction data," Informatica 9.1 has a big solution. Forward thinking companies would be wise to investigate the interaction data capabilities available in 9.1, whereby a wealth of information can be gathered from social networking sites, allowing companies to better understand their customers and drive increased revenues."
 - Mark Oreszko, Senior Consultant

Teradata - "Data volumes continue to rise, so figuring out how to manage the data – what to keep, how to integrate it, and how to mine it for useful information – will become more critical than ever before. Effectively utilizing this data —social, geospatial, mobile or even weather data —provides valuable insight into new revenue opportunities, ways to reduce costs or even improvements in environmental sustainability. Informatica 9.1 allows our joint customers to transform Big Data into business value through actionable, trusted insight available from Teradata for improved analytics and operations."
 - Stephen Brobst, Chief Technology Officer

Vertica, an HP company - "The Vertica Analytics Platform was built from the ground up to push the frontiers of performance and scale within the Big Data economy, empowering users to monetize all of their data. With Informatica 9.1, our joint customers can now analyze large-scale transaction, social, device, call detail record (CDR), and other types of Big Data, uncovering the valuable pieces of information hidden in the massive amounts of data available, previously undiscoverable with their legacy systems. With Informatica and Vertica, organizations of all sizes can uncover new business opportunities from Big Data, and streamline processes that previously required manual intervention to deliver business-critical information at the point of impact."
 - Scott Howser, VP of Product Marketing

Wipro Technologies - "Enterprises today face significant challenges and opportunities due to the proliferation and growth of data i.e. big data, which can be difficult to store, manage and analyze. The need of the hour is effective data management and integration solutions for big data. The big data integration capabilities of Informatica 9.1 will allow enterprises to drive strong business performance by transforming their data assets into more relevant, contextual and insightful information. We look forward to leveraging these capabilities, combined with our market-leading solutions and in-depth expertise, to provide a differentiated value proposition to our global customers."
 - K. R. Sanjiv, Sr. Vice President and Global Head, Analytics & Information Management


Informatica 9.1: Authoritative and Trustworthy

AE Business Solutions - "Organizations across all industries recognize the impact that data quality has on daily decision-making.  As environments grow more sophisticated, our clients are increasingly focusing on data quality and MDM initiatives in an effort to improve their data reliability, accuracy, and timeliness. Informatica 9.1 will help organizations take the next step in ensuring they have the right data to make the right decisions."
 - Kevin Kundinger, Analytics Specialist

Agile Solutions Ltd. - "Today's agile business is first and foremost an information-driven enterprise, and the timely accessibility of integrated and trusted data is the foundation of this agility. We've always seen Informatica as an agile technology partner. Agile Solutions has been helping companies across all vertical sectors for over 10 years meet business challenges with our trust-based solutions. Organizations dealing with risk analysis, regulatory compliance, mergers & acquisitions, and other business concerns can now take advantage of Informatica 9.1, driving greater agility by delivering trustworthy and actionable data even more rapidly to the business, and allowing the effective use of data when and where it is needed most."
 - Owen Lewis, Managing Director

Appfluent Technology, Inc. - "Data and information are at the heart of all data-driven enterprises. Now enterprises can rely on Informatica 9.1 as the foundation for their enterprise information architectures to ensure they have trustworthy, actionable and authoritative data. Appfluent partners with Informatica to provide data-driven enterprises with data usage analytics to improve IT operational efficiencies, leverage the strategic value of data and ensure its trusted usage."
 - Frank Gelbart, CEO

Capgemini - "MDM is about providing the business with the ability to control its information, in industries such as Financial Services. That control increasingly equates to the ability to remain in business as a viable organization. To deliver benefits, MDM needs to be business centric. Working with Informatica at our clients, we've seen how the power of Informatica MDM and Informatica Data Quality automates the flow of information between data stewards and the business, and helps to not only provide the business with trusted, authoritative information but critically enables the business to take control of its master data."
 - Steve Jones, Group Head of Master Data Management

CGI - "Informatica 9.1 better enables CGI to proactively monitor data quality so we can detect problems and head them off at the pass. This makes us much more agile and responsive, and reduces the high costs of data quality errors."
 - Jamie L. Holland, Senior Vice President

Cognizant - "Business users expect authoritative and trusted data from their business applications, but IT can be challenged to meet this expectation.  Cognizant's upcoming cloud-based MDM managed services offering brings together the proven capabilities of Informatica MDM and Informatica Data Quality with Cognizant's domain expertise to deliver authoritative, trustworthy information."
 - Dileep Srinivasan, AVP, Customer Solutions Practice

Collaborative Consulting - "Informatica 9.1 builds on the foundations created in 9.0 by further enabling Collaborative Consulting's clients to gain trust in their data by putting it in the hands of the business user. With trust often being an impediment to successful delivery, the enhanced integration of data quality and master data management capabilities in Informatica 9.1 will ensure that we can deliver the authoritative, trustworthy information that the business is demanding."
 - John Williams, Senior Vice President of Consulting Services and Marketing

Contemporary Software Concepts of New Jersey, Inc. - "Our Informatica partnership and Identity Resolution expertise puts us at the epicenter of solving customers' data quality  issues which can lurk everywhere. Customers look for centralized, reusable data quality rules and improved business-IT collaboration, in order to make the best decisions based on authoritative and trustworthy data. Informatica 9.1 takes these concepts to the next level by empowering non-IT stakeholders to do more themselves through self-service access, thus increasing an organization's business agility. Additionally, the enhancements in Informatica Data Quality 9.1 will enable faster implementation of matching rules. Collectively, this delivers huge cost savings to IT and the business, while protecting applications from low quality data."
 - Joseph Flesch, Principal

Endeca - "Information access and operational intelligence remains an elusive goal for every enterprise user. Informatica 9.1 will help customers eliminate the virtualization, governance and quality barriers posed by big data and ultimately accelerate the deployment of the interactive analytic applications they can build using Endeca Latitude."
- David Caruso, Vice President of Marketing, Endeca Latitude

First San Francisco Partners - "Regulatory issues, such as The Sunshine Act in Health and Life Sciences and The Dodd-Frank Act in Financial Services, are still top of mind to executives. To address the needs of our clients, we are looking forward to leveraging the Informatica 9.1 stack and the enhanced capabilities around multi-style MDM for better data availability and auditability, and the reusable data quality policies to facilitate data governance and consistency of data management practices. This unique offering helps First San Francisco Partners to assist our clients in creating agile data infrastructures that enable them to react quickly to new regulations. Informatica and First San Francisco Partners are aligned in our approaches of delivering consistent and sustainable value to our clients."
 - Kelle O'Neal, Managing Partner

Grant Thornton LLP - "We are excited to see the new features in Informatica 9.1 that put data quality evaluation and adjudication in the hands of the users who best understand the business. For our public sector clients—especially those in the health care industry, who must be able to evaluate the quality of millions of transactions on a real-time basis—the ability to cut out the middleman (e.g., the developer), and allow the business users to view and update data quality rules themselves, ultimately will allow Grant Thornton to improve its service offerings."
 - Shobhik Chaudhuri, Partner

Hexaware - "As one of the leading Business Intelligence and Analytics service providers, we have expertise in delivering complex social data integration solutions. The recent release of the Informatica Platform, Informatica 9.1, will allow us to augment traditional master data with social data. This enables us to deliver a true 360-degree view of the customer by accessing a wealth of information on customers generated from social media such as micro-blogging sites, social networking sites, and open and industry-specific forums. Informatica 9.1 will also allow us to be much more agile and responsive, and help us enable actionable intelligence for our global clients."
 - Sundar Varadarajan, Vice President & Global Head, Business Intelligence and Analytics Services

HighPoint Solutions - "Informatica 9.1 holds a unique position in the market, since it provides a single platform that supports all domains and architectural styles for master data management (MDM). This flexibility is paramount for our clients as it enables an MDM implementation to be expanded and adjusted over time to meet new and changing demands. We're seeing a clear trend of companies moving from single to multi-domain solutions leveraging the same Informatica Platform."
  - Eric Letts, VP Master Data Management

Integrationworx Ltd. - "Using the Informatica Platform allows us to provide fast and reliable turnaround on development for our customers. With the release of version 9.1, we have many more options available for defining and enforcing policies around data quality, privacy and archiving. Ultimately, we are helping our customers realize the power of making data available throughout the organization in a secure and flexible way."
 - Mark MacIver, CEO

Intelligroup, an NTT Data Company - "Informatica has listened to the needs of its customers and partners to deliver new innovations with the latest release of its platform, Informatica 9.1.  With Big Data, the Informatica Platform meets our customers' needs for handling data quality issues by enabling data governance and cleansing. The Informatica Platform enables sourcing from disparate and complex data structures, and reduces the high costs of handling data quality errors. There is no single right strategy for how our applications and systems are deployed—some are on-premise and some are in the cloud.  So it is critical that we have a data and information infrastructure that can support customers' needs no matter what type of deployment we choose—and Informatica 9.1 does just that with its support for hybrid IT infrastructure."
 - Satish Subramaniam, senior vice president, Cross Technology Group

LoganBritton - "With Informatica 9.1, Informatica continues its leadership role in the delivery of authoritative and trustworthy data.  In combination with LoganBritton's development methodology—the Data ConfidenceFoundation for holistic integration, we provide our joint customers with the ability to deliver reliable results and drive optimal value from critical data integration solutions."
 - Tom Quintal, Executive Vice President

MicroStrategy, Inc. - "Together, MicroStrategy and Informatica enable companies to realize greater business value from the large volumes of data that reside across their enterprises. The enhanced data quality and master data management in Informatica 9.1, paired with MicroStrategy's rich reporting and analytical capabilities, provide our mutual customers with consistent, actionable, and relevant data to make critical business decisions."
 - Sanju Bansal, Chief Operating Officer

Myers-Holum, Inc. - "Informatica 9.1 is unique in the market, providing a single platform that supports all domains and architectural styles for master data management (MDM). It's ability to adapt to our data models, as opposed to dictating one, is critical to us having the flexibility to expand and adjust our MDM implementation over time to meet new and changing business demands. For example, our initial MDM implementation started with customer profile data, but now we will easily be able to handle our product data needs with the same Informatica Platform."
 - Dave Chu, CTO

Oakton - "Oakton offers a number of compelling business solutions to our clients that improve the way information is stored, synchronised and accessed throughout their organisations.  We are excited about the launch of Informatica 9.1 and with its new data quality, data integration and MDM features we will be able to provide our customers with improved access to their data, improved business performance as well as the ability to derive and leverage more ROI out of their existing IT infrastructure. "
 - Neil Wilson, CEO and Managing Director

Scalable Systems - "IT is looking for a trusted technology vendor that provides comprehensive master data management (MDM) technologies that are unified on a common platform. Informatica Master Data Management 9.1 enables IT organizations to start small by solving the most immediate business challenge, and then leveraging the same platform and trained skills to expand the solution to solve other business concerns, delivering solutions faster to market and at a lower TCO. As an Informatica-accredited Partner, Scalable Systems brings our customers unparalleled expertise in MDM using the Informatica Platform.  We help organizations realize the true potential and opportunities that MDM can have using the mature, comprehensive and proven Informatica Platform."
 - Sam Biswal, CEO

Serene Corporation - "Our customers are seeing massive acceleration in the volume of data they need to manage. The complexity and variety of data is threatening to inundate our customers and their IT organizations. The Big Data Integration capabilities of Informatica 9.1 will ensure that our customers have the trustworthy, actionable, and authoritative data they need."
 - Ajit Kumbhare, Founder & Managing Partner

Tata Consultancy Services - "Customers are looking for a trusted technology vendor that provides Master Data Management (MDM) technologies with not only comprehensive capabilities, but also the ability to implement quickly, and evolve the solution over time. Informatica MDM 9.1 enables IT organizations to start small by solving the most immediate problem, and then leverage the same unified platform and the trained skills to expand the solution to solve other business problems, delivering faster time-to-market solutions at a lower TCO."
 - Kalyan Viswanathan, Global Practice Director, Information Management, Global Consulting Practice

TEKsystems - "Customers are often challenged with having a modest to non-existent data governance model, where business users continue to produce duplicate customer data in transactional systems and expect data stewards to correct it down stream in data stores. Best-in-class companies are moving to a more proactive data governance model. Informatica 9.1 enables companies to prevent duplicates right at the point of creation, improving data consistency, productivity and minimizing ongoing cost of stewardship."
 - David Nance – Practice Director

UST Global - "Informatica enables our customers' IT organizations to deliver integrated, trusted data across the enterprise. Now, Informatica 9.1 drives even greater value by putting authoritative, actionable data in the hands of the business. Empowering business users with actionable information ensures that we continue to deliver the trustworthy data the business is demanding."
 - Sajan Pillai, CEO


Informatica 9.1: Self-service

Accelerated Information Solutions - "At AIS, we are initiating a data governance and stewardship body, including supporting processes, which will greatly increase both the quality of our data and the speed-to-market of our high-priority IT projects. A missing ingredient in our plan is a business-focused suite of tools that allows our business customers to see, manage, and ultimately own their information and business rules without going through IT for every question or change request. Informatica 9.1 will be our platform of choice to empower analysts, data stewards, and project owners to do more themselves without relying on IT."
 - Timothy Leonard, CIO

Evaxyx - "Informatica 9.1 is the first and only data integration platform that combines data virtualisation and self-service capabilities to deliver a pervasive data integration framework. This helps our joint customers turn effective data principles into practice. It allows the early engagement of the business community with simple-to-understand models, which directly leads to reusable data services that are easy to deploy and use. By involving the business early and often, we find that we streamline the process of change and deliver more certainty to a growing range of data needs. By using a data virtualisation approach, we find that we can help our customers devolve responsibility for defining, accessing, profiling and integrating data to analysts and expert user communities, whilst allowing IT to maintain overall control."
 - Simon Slocombe, Director of Consulting

iOLAP - "Data and information are at the heart of our customers' data-driven enterprises. Informatica 9.1 provides the foundation for a robust information architecture that is required to address the big data needs of the future. It helps put in place the foundation that can help deliver the iterative and self-service delivery model our customers' desire."
 - Pete Dempster, Vice President, Business Development and Strategy

Knowledgent Group - "With Informatica 9.1, joint Knowledgent and Informatica customers can now maximize the full potential of data by leveraging industry-leading data virtualization capabilities and best practices to rapidly deliver a complete view of all enterprise data. We are excited about how quickly and easily the various stakeholders will be able to collaborate in the definition of business entities and attributes. We are also excited about the fact that the same data service can be created once and reused instantaneously across projects like BI, MDM and SOA. Informatica 9.1 offers a big productivity advantage along with significant time and cost savings for rolling out BI and MDM projects."
 - Chris Blotto, Technology Leader

QlikTech - "The combination of QlikView's Business Discovery software and Informatica 9.1's self-service data integration capabilities empowers business users to quickly access, consolidate, and visualize the information they need to make smarter decisions fast.  The business now has immediate access to consistent, trusted, and reliable information while taking some of the burden off of IT."
 - Peter McQuade, VP of Global Alliances

Trinus Corporation - "Today's world is overwhelmed with data, and our clients are struggling to get the relevant information they need to make good business decisions and improve operational efficiency.  Informatica has always been a catalyst towards improving Business & IT collaboration.  Now, Informatica 9.1 takes it to the next level by empowering analysts, data stewards, and project owners to do more themselves without relying on IT.  This empowerment will significantly increase our clients' overall business agility."
 - Sanjay Kucheria, CEO


Informatica 9.1: Adaptive Data Services

Daugherty Business Solutions - "When our customers ask for assistance in choosing an Enterprise Data Integration tool, we do our best to provide an un-biased and comprehensive comparison of the tools available that would meet their needs based on their requirements and our experience. Informatica consistently ranks as a top-tier solution. The amount of data that companies own and use is constantly growing, so an efficient and trusted solution is increasingly critical. With the addition of Big Data services to Informatica 9.1, Informatica will continue to emerge as a leader when formally compared to the competition."
 - Jesse Boucher, Senior Consultant – Business Intelligence / Data Management, Informatica Competency Leader

Deloitte Consulting LLP - "We are continually looking for ways to increase productivity and efficiency on our engagements. Products such as Informatica Data Services 9.1 are designed to help companies in their efforts to increase productivity. "
 - Rich Penkoski, Principal

Saama Technologies, Inc. - "With Informatica 9.1, Saama is keen on expanding joint customer engagements by applying the industry's next-generation data virtualization technology to our projects. Informatica Data Services advances its differentiated capabilities with unique, pre-built, complex data transformations like data masking, data freshness and data retention that can be applied to federated data in real time.  Customers are moving toward standardizing on a single technology for both ETL and data federation across industries, which is why Informatica offers the best-of-breed solution that truly delivers the best of both worlds in a single and flexible data virtualization solution."
 - Murali Pabbisetty, Partner


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