Customers and Partners Support Informatica 9.5 Platform

New Release Applauded as Key to Maximizing Return on Big Data


Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA), the world's number one independent provider of data integration software, today announced customer and partner support for the latest release of the Informatica 9.5 Platform. Designed to maximize an organization's return on big data, Informatica 9.5 helps drive competitive advantage, new business productivity, and new revenues and profits.

Informatica 9.5 helps organizations realize the promise of big data in its ability to successfully address all aspects of the three big data megatrends: big data processing, big interaction data and big transaction data.

Informatica customers and partners have expressed their support for the release, and here is what some of them have to say:


Apollo Group - "Apollo Group, a leading provider of higher education, is dedicated to lifelong learning with a commitment to provide the best learning models and student services for working adults. As a long time user of Informatica we are excited about Informatica 9.5 support for Big Data and Hadoop to help our faculty gain greater classroom insights and improve student experience."
- John Fritz, Director DW/BI

Direct Edge - "Stock exchanges strive to have systems with high reliability, fastest speed, and maximum throughput. Informatica's Ultra Messaging helps Direct Edge achieve these goals." – - Richard Hochron, Chief Technology Officer

eHarmony – "At eHarmony, to provide the best compatibility matches for our customers, we process terabytes of hierarchical data in formats like JSON and XML daily. The HParser and hierarchical mapping capabilities integrated with PowerCenter and PowerExchange in Informatica 9.5 eliminated the need for time-consuming hand-coding. By enabling us to leverage Hadoop more efficiently, Informatica 9.5 reduced the time to actually process the data. Having this data means we can more efficiently analyze our marketing, product development and membership operations, and increase our overall business success."
- Grant Parsamyan, Director of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

OppenheimerFunds, Inc. - "Cloud applications are an important part of our enterprise technology strategy, and our cloud applications depend on Informatica Cloud for their data requirements. The cloud innovations ensure that our business has the relevant, holistic data it needs across our cloud and on-premise applications and enable us to build a solid enterprise foundation."
- Ashish Shrivastava, Manager

Orange - "Dynamic Data Masking ensures that both IT and business users using applications and tools access personal information on a need-to-know basis."
- Kobi Hirsh, Chief Information Security Officer Partner Communications

Pelephone Communications - "Having Informatica dynamically masking sensitive fields within application screens and development tools across production environments with no changes to applications or databases, enables us to proactively prevent data leakage and comply with ever growing privacy regulations quickly and transparently."
- Alon Ofek, Chief Information Security Officer

PSA Insurance and Financial Services - "As we continue to expand our portfolio of cloud and on-premise applications, the integration imperative only gets stronger, as does the need for enterprise capabilities such as integration performance, manageability and security. Informatica Cloud continues to deliver on this front, and the advances provided in the Informatica 9.5 release will help strengthen our hybrid IT environment."
- Andrew Bartels, Chief Technology Officer

SBI Japannext - "High-performance trading technology is a vehicle for growth, and Informatica Ultra Messaging is playing a vital role in helping SBI Japannext maintain a prime position in the proprietary trading system market, increase market share, and grow its customer base."
- Kelvin Chiu, Chief Technology Officer

SURFACExchange - "Using Informatica Ultra Messaging we can absolutely guarantee service delivery and uptime of the platform."
- Evgeni Mitkov, Chief Executive Officer

Transunion Interactive – "The new smart partitioning feature offered by Informatica Data Archive allows us to deploy more complex partitioning strategies across related tables, further improving query performance, and enables us to tie archiving policies based on partitions, reducing overall maintenance and data management costs."
- Ramdas Kenjale, Director of Architecture and Infrastructure

VIVO - "VIVO is the largest mobile telecommunication operator in the Southern Hemisphere. With 70 million customers, Informatica 9.5 is a key component of our enterprise information management strategy to handle the large volume, variety and velocity of data to support the business."
- Gustavo Campos, Manager, BI Systems Division

Westpac Life New Zealand – "Westpac is beginning to leverage social media data to improve the success of marketing campaigns, increasing customer retention and acquisition. We're excited about the new features in Informatica 9.5 to manage and process social media data with Hadoop to improve our customer understanding and maximize our return on big data."
- Torrance Mayberry, Systems Manager Management Information, Westpac Information Technology


Advanced Systems Concepts – "Conquering Big Data is about conquering complexity. The volume, formats and number of data sources are increasing. As a result, our customers are looking to combine the capabilities of PowerCenter 9.5, part of the Informatica Platform, with ActiveBatch Workload Automation. This will enable customers to integrate various data sources and types, and automate workflows that cleanse and load multi-structured data to achieve faster time to insight and better decision making."
- Colin Beasty, marketing manager

Appfluent Technology, Inc. – "According to Gartner, big transaction data is growing at 60-80% + annually as companies' voracious appetite for relevant information increases. Lowering the cost of data is critical to enabling IT to deliver on business imperatives on time and on budget. The Informatica 9.5 Platform enables enterprises to maximize return on data by driving down data costs and increasing the business value of data. Appfluent is thrilled to partner with Informatica to help enterprises lower the cost of big transaction data."
- Frank Gelbart, CEO

Capgemini – "As one of the pioneers of Cloud Computing, SaaS and the Social Enterprise, Capgemini is constantly looking to our partners to address the challenge of both big data and federated information. With Informatica 9.5, we see a partner and a product suite that is rapidly adapting to this new reality and providing us and our customers with the tools that we need."
- Steve Jones, Global Head of MDM

Capgemini – "Capgemini's view on Master Data is that the days of the single central repository are no more, and the reality is federated information with social and SaaS integration. Informatica's MDM solution has long been a leader in federated MDM, and with 9.5 is adding a cloud and social story to its strong SaaS background. By providing a federated view on information and the timeline view on its evolution, it becomes possible for our customers to take central control in a distributed world."
- Steve Jones, Global Head of MDM

Capgemini – "Capgemini has long worked with customers on attacking the challenge of big data and has found that one of the biggest challenges is how to integrate and manage data flows into Hadoop alongside more traditional data warehousing approaches. By providing a unified platform that is able to bridge both Hadoop and traditional approaches, the new Informatica 9.5 suite helps Capgemini and our customers to deliver on the challenge of big data analytics."
- Manuel Sevilla, Global Chief Technology Officer – BIM

Cloudera – "Cloudera Enterprise and Informatica 9.5 combine to not only make Hadoop more powerful, but easier to integrate into your environment and more manageable. Cloudera's end-to-end management system makes it easy to deploy and centrally operate a complete Hadoop stack. Informatica's visual IDE and Hadoop-optimized transforms remove the heavy lifting of Big Data Integration. Together these technologies allow any organization to rapidly harness the transformative power of Big Data."
- Mike Olson, CEO

Cognizant – "As businesses contend with ever-expanding volume of information, gleaning insight and foresight based on real-time data is fast becoming a key driver of business agility. With Informatica 9.5, Informatica has extended the value proposition of its platform to deliver enhanced data integration that forms a vital part of the Big Data stack. It complements our capability to help our clients go beyond IT and process-led efficiencies, and leverage Big Data for improved decision-making, differentiation, innovation, and ROI."
- Karthik Krishnamurthy, Practice Leader, Enterprise Information Management Practice

Compact Solutions – "Informatica 9.5 is at the forefront of meeting the challenges of data integration with a platform that removes traditional roadblocks and delivers Return on Data. Compact Solutions is looking forward to partnering with Informatica at such an exciting time – the confluence of big transaction data, big interaction data and big data processing. The new Platform release will provide our customers with a future-proof solution to drive their top business imperatives."
Sid Banerjee, Senior Principal

CoreMatrix – "Businesses continue the accelerated shift to cloud, mobile, and social platforms. Informatica 9.5 offers our clients the ability to leverage data across new and traditional platforms with attention to risk management and customizable data privacy. This secure accessibility is how Big Data will safely drive ROI."
- Ernie Megazzini, Vice President, Cloud Strategy

DataSource Consulting – "With the large increase in big data projects Datasource is undertaking, the Informatica 9.5 release will help our clients unlock and maximize the value of their data. With a common data integration platform, organizations are able to integrate and govern all of their data."
- Tom Nats, Vice President, Data Integration Solutions

Future Technologies, Inc. – "The Informatica Platform has long been a cornerstone foundation in our data integration/data management practice. With Informatica 9.5, customers now have new capabilities to provide Agile BI and rapid deployment for Business Analytics. This is necessary to take our customers to the next level. With our help, they can now address new challenges and deal with both tasks (integration and analytics), positioning Future Technologies to integrate and reduce the amount of time necessary to derive business value from the data for our customers."
- Asha Saxena, CEO

Greenplum, a division of EMC – "Doing analytics on Big Data requires the capability to access and consume granular data at massive scale and to provision appropriate data assets to data scientists tasked with deriving value from this data. With Informatica 9.5 and Greenplum's Unified Analytics Platform (UAP) working in concert, data engineers can collaborate with business analysts to more quickly discover, analyze, and ultimately derive insights from Big Data."
- Joshua Klahr, Vice President of Products

HCL Technologies Ltd. – "Informatica 9.5 is a highly scalable, massively parallel and big data-enabled data integration platform. It allows for big data integration, data profiling and MapReduce-based transformations. The enhancements in 9.5 address customer requirements for a single platform that incorporates all of the integration needs of a big data environment. Our customers will now be able to process a billion plus records of structured and unstructured data. We look forward to leveraging the Informatica 9.5 Platform to enhance information value for our customers."
- Arun Subramanyam, VP & Global Delivery Head – Transformation Services

Hexaware Technologies – "Big data has rapidly entered the mainstream. With Informatica 9.5, we now have access to new capabilities addressing the challenges posed by big data. Cloud, mobile, and social computing are fundamentally changing the data landscape. Informatica 9.5 is designed to capitalize on these trends, empowering companies to tap into new business opportunities while mitigating the risk of change. MDM in Informatica 9.5 is also a key component that we plan to use, especially as part of implementing data management programs and initiatives for many of our capital markets and other customers."
- Moorthi Chokkanathan, EVP Delivery

HighPoint Solutions – "Our healthcare clients are dealing with unprecedented change as new payment and care delivery models evolve. Concurrently, the U.S. is adopting the federally mandated ICD-10 code set. The necessary capabilities for reform and ICD-10 require better control of master data and the accumulation and interpretation of massive quantities of structured and unstructured data. Informatica's 9.5 release provides an entire, enterprise-class platform for MDM-enabled "big data" that will greatly benefit our payer and provider clients."
- John Wollman, Executive Vice President

Hortonworks – "The Hortonworks Data Platform combined with Informatica 9.5 offers customers the best of both worlds—the scalability of Apache Hadoop coupled with the productivity, manageability and data governance capabilities of Informatica."
- Eric Baldeschwieler, Chief Technology Officer

Infolink Consulting – "Infolink often works with organizations and agencies whose sensitive data requires diligent protection and whose processes must comply with stringent regulations. Our organization and our customers are increasingly realizing that need, seeing the value, and are excited to more fully leverage Informatica's end-to-end "pervasive" data privacy solution as part of the Informatica 9.5 Platform."
-Tim Deskin, Managing Partner

Integrationworx Ltd. – "Using the Informatica Platform allows us to provide fast and reliable turnaround on development and business value. Our customers are frequently asking for better integration with big data and cloud-based systems, better capabilities for discovery in the wealth of transaction and interaction data, while continually improving upon data quality. With the release of version 9.5, we have many more options available for discovering and integrating big interaction data and cloud-based data. Ultimately, we are helping our customers realize the power and value of making information available throughout the organization in a secure and flexible way."
- Mark, MacIver, CEO

INTRICITY, LLC – "We move very large quantities of data across very heterogeneous environments. Often these systems have out-of-date documentation, and their original designers have long since left the company. The capabilities offered through the Enterprise Data Discovery in Informatica 9.5 have really accelerated those efforts. The ability to automatically discover business entities and sensitive data have relieved a lot of painstaking tasks for our project teams."
- Jared Hillam, EIM Practice Director

Knowledgent Group – "Big data is not about managing more data; it is about making business information relevant, and from relevance comes value. Informatica's vision to bring to market a single platform for MDM, data quality, data integration, and cloud-based services that are interoperable with big data platforms is well ahead of the curve. This vision provides simplicity for IT and the information relevance that the business has been seeking for many years. As a management consulting firm, Knowledgent is very excited to execute business value solutions that our clients realize were not possible at the time and at the cost without a tightly coupled Informatica Platform."
- Christopher Blotto, Managing Partner

LoganBritton – "Today's tough economic environment poses numerous challenges for companies to gain a competitive edge over their rivals. Big data and social media can unlock some of the intangibles that help companies increase revenue, reduce cost or gain a competitive edge. With the release of 9.5, Informatica continues its leadership role in the delivery of authoritative and trustworthy data. The enhanced functionality enables our customers to take full advantage of social media and big data to build highly cost-effective business solutions. In combination with LoganBritton's development methodology—the Data Confidence Foundation—for holistic integration, LoganBritton and Informatica provide our joint customers with the ability to deliver reliable results and drive optimal value from critical data integration solutions."
- Yash Gupta, President and CEO

MapR Technologies – "For companies awaiting an enterprise-ready Hadoop solution to unleash the power of big data, the wait is over. The combination of Informatica 9.5 with MapR delivers improved performance, no single points of failure, full data protection, real-time streaming data into Hadoop, and ease of use for big data integration and analysis."
- John Schroeder, CEO and Co-founder

MicroStrategy – "MicroStrategy has taken a leadership position in developing software and services designed to help organizations capitalize on the Big Data, Cloud, Mobile, and Social megatrends reshaping businesses around the world. We are excited about Informatica's latest release, Informatica 9.5, which together with MicroStrategy's business intelligence platform, will empower our joint customers to take advantage of new business opportunities."
- Sanju Bansal, Chief Operating Officer

Myers-Holum, Inc. – "Our clients are demanding Big Data solutions right now, even at the expense of duplicate infrastructure investments and a significant coding effort, if required. Informatica 9.5 means we can implement a holistic approach to both unstructured and structured data challenges, leveraging the Informatica investment our clients have already made. I am excited that we can offer our clients the ability to manage and make intelligent the integration between social, MDM and transactional data that they want access to now."
- Dave Chu, Chief Technology Officer

NTT DATA, Inc. – "NTT DATA, Inc. joins the global BI community in congratulating Informatica on their 9.5 release. The enhanced capabilities around cloud, mobile and social offered via Informatica 9.5 in conjunction with their ILM offering will prove to be a manna for our clients who wish to embrace the advantages of new-age BI."
- Krishna Thiagarajan, Global Vice President - Business Intelligence

PricewaterhouseCoopers – "Informatica 9.5 can help our clients address big data challenges and achieve competitive advantage through technology that enables them to get the full business value of big data, coming closer to One Customer, One Business, One Place, One Number."
- Robert Franey, Director

QlikTech – "Data analysis in corporate environments is often complicated by the need to integrate data from multiple sources with multiple formats and varying latencies. Making the process efficient and manageable can be very demanding, requiring detailed technical understanding and powerful tools. Informatica has been a key driver behind making big data a reality for enterprises, and Informatica 9.5 brings the innovations the market needs to get the full business value of big data. The QlikView partnership with Informatica offers a complete and balanced solution to this challenge, and the solutions complement each other exceptionally well for our customers."
- Peter McQuade, vice president, global alliances

RCG Global Services, Inc. – "Informatica 9.5 is able to transform Big Data, whether it be transaction data, data processing, and/or interaction data, into relevant, accurate and secure data that is available quickly, offering value to business executives by improving their companies' performance. For RCG Global Services' customers, this means a return on data that can be used to help measure whether the desired business operations' results are being met."
- Tom O'Brien, Senior Vice President and General Manager

Saama Technologies Inc. "Informatica 9.5 offers a robust and comprehensive set of capabilities to extract, parse, cleanse and load a variety of structured and semi-structured data into Hadoop. With this, all Informatica customers can read and write into Hadoop in a cost effective, scalable and easy manner. Saama's SixthSense offerings, which address a broad range of industry needs like analyzing insurance claims, understanding patient dropouts, managing market campaigns and leveraging social media to present the right product to the right customer at the right time/price point, thereby helping companies increase sales and customer satisfaction, would definitely benefit from these capabilities in terms of time to solution and cost of implementation."
- Murali Pabbisetty, Partner

Scalable Systems – "With the significant demand for technology to handle big transaction, big interaction and big data processing, Informatica 9.5 brings big opportunity for customers looking to change their business landscape. PrecisionDTM, our next generation solution framework, in conjunction with Informatica 9.5, is harnessing the power of big data, mobile, cloud and social to help companies reach their organizational goals. PrecisionD allows organizations to keep existing technology and deep dive into newer technologies in a scalable way. As an Informatica Velocity Accredited Partner, Scalable Systems is committed to bringing the best big data integration technology to our clients to help increase revenue, better understand customers and cut costs."
- Sam Biswal, Principal

Softpath System, LLC. – "In this era of big data, our clients are looking for a scalable solution that can accommodate their growing needs and can increase the value of the data at a reduced cost of ownership. We believe that Informatica 9.5 is by far the most comprehensive platform addressing big data needs."
- Hemang Desai, VP Data Integration Services

SSG Ltd. – "SSG clients are now able to maximize their return on data with the Informatica 9.5 Platform for big data. As our clients start to get their arms around big data challenges within their organizations, Informatica 9.5 provides the platform needed to address increased transactional data volumes as well as leverage social data, coming from the likes of Twitter and Facebook, to perform sentiment analysis. SSG sees Informatica 9.5 as a core component of a sound data governance strategy that can ensure our clients' business decision-making success."
- Steve Steinheimer, President & CEO

Systech Solutions, Inc. – "Systech retains a sharp focus on data integration, and our application roadmap addresses three key themes impacting the market: big data, digital media and mobile technology. We view Informatica 9.5 as a strategic complement to the business applications of our customers. Until recently, organizations have been struggling with data integration processes that take too long, data volumes that are too large, and new data sources that are too difficult to integrate. With the new 9.5 release, Informatica is enabling native Hadoop transformations and timely analysis of big transactional data. And with social MDM, it will add the context of unstructured data and advanced text analytics to our customers' technology environment."
- Arun Gollapudi, CEO & Co-Founder

Teradata – "The big news in big data is the valuable untapped potential of multi-structured data sources — social, geospatial, Web, sensor, graph, mobile or even weather data. These sources represent game-changing business opportunities to drive new revenue, reduce costs, or improve environmental sustainability. Informatica 9.5 together with Teradata and Teradata Aster gives our joint customers unlimited visibility and analytic power to tap and benefit from big data sources – and make the best decisions possible."
- Stephen Brobst, Chief Technology Officer

Vertica, an HP Company – "Vertica has always been a big proponent of using the right technology for the job, and we were the first Big Data analytics platform vendor to deliver a bi-directional connector for Hadoop. With Informatica 9.5, Vertica and Informatica are aligned in our ability to support and enrich the Hadoop/MapReduce ecosystem of tools for Big Data analytics. We look forward to working with Informatica to deliver the right solution to help our customers monetize all of their data."
- Scott Howser, VP of Product Marketing

Wipro Technologies – "As organizations continuously innovate to stay ahead of their competition, big data and related analytics provides a key edge to drive competitive advantage. Key to optimizing ROI on big data investments are solutions that enable organizations to manage complexity and lower the total cost of ownership. Informatica's 9.5 release, through its big data-related offering, is aptly positioned to meet ever-growing complexities of data while optimizing the return on big data. We look forward to combining Informatica's capabilities with Wipro's cutting-edge big data industry solutions to deliver the highest level of business value to our customers."
-K. R. Sanjiv, Global Head and Senior Vice President for Analytics & Information Management BU

Xtivia – "Informatica's foresight to incorporate the management of Big Data in the 9.5 release will allow us to help our clients recognize value from their massive data sets much sooner than they thought possible. This release will significantly accelerate our development processes."
- Todd Saunders, EVP Customer Solutions

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