Informatica Brings Master Data Management to Big Data, Social, Cloud and Mobile Computing

Release 9.5 Enables the Social Customer Master and Master Data Time-Line for Effective Date Versioning


Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA), the world’s number one independent provider of data integration software, today announced Informatica MDM 9.5 which provides breakthrough capabilities in master data management (MDM) for social media, Cloud computing, mobile and big data.  Key elements include delivering on the vision of the social customer master, and introducing master data timeline for effective date versioning.

“Informatica MDM 9.5 aligns industry-leading master data management technology with all four megatrends that are redefining the industry and propelling growth: big data, social computing, cloud computing and mobile computing,” said Dennis Moore, senior vice president and general manager, MDM, Informatica. “With Informatica MDM 9.5, the door is open for organizations to engage in effective social ecommerce, take MDM to the cloud, enable the mobile workforce and scale MDM for today’s big data realities.”

MDM for the Cloud
The proliferation of cloud applications is dis-aggregating data in the cloud and in danger of driving significant data issues across enterprises due to this accelerating fragmentation.  Master Data Management is the critical technology required by all enterprises to ensure point of data entry de-duplication and cleansing; data consolidation across cloud and internal applications; and supporting trusted 360 degree views of customer relationships and business processes. Without MDM enterprises will fail to deliver on the value of cloud applications since multiple CRM or Customer Service clouds will fail to align customer data across the hybrid enterprise.

Informatica MDM powers a complete and trusted view of customer interactions and master data relationships across all application instances and systems, cloud or on-premise. Consequently, organizations gain a cost-effective and low risk way to:

  • Ensure trustworthy consolidated customer data for use in Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics and other CRM applications.
  • Enable the use of master data in cloud analytic and operational applications.

“As customers modernize their IT portfolio with software that enables cloud, social media, mobile, and big data, they are requiring that MDM adopt these mega trends as well to propel their competitive advantage for faster time-to-value, social customer understanding and ubiquitous mobility,” said Steve Jones, Global Head of MDM, Capgemini. “Informatica and Capgemini are vanguards in bringing cutting-edge technologies to our mutual customers. The combination of Informatica MDM 9.5 cloud social media, mobile, and big data capabilities and Capgemini’s implementation excellence in these areas will ensure customer success.”

Social MDM: Enabling Social Ecommerce
Informatica MDM 9.5 enables organizations to move far beyond the traditional customer-MDM paradigm of reconciling an individual’s identity across multiple internal systems to create a new organizational imperative of building a common customer profile. With Informatica MDM 9.5, organizations are able to:

  • Reconcile a customer’s identity across multiple social mediums to create a common customer social profile, and then marry that social customer master with the customer’s corporate profile to drive better customer insights.
  • Integrate customers’ corporate profile information into their social networking applications to drive closer, more profitable customer relationships.

As a result, with opt-in permission from individual consumers, Informatica MDM 9.5 empowers retailers, manufacturers, service providers and other companies to:

  • Improve target marketing with social information about customer preferences.
  • Leverage trusted 360-degree view of the customer and their friends from the social site to determine the network of customer’s influence.
  • Deliver authoritative, trusted data into the consumers’ Facebook applications, such as purchase histories.
  • Engage in enhanced e-commerce within Facebook using authoritative and trusted data.

“MDM is about delivering benefits to the business. Mega trends such as cloud, mobile, social media play a key role in enhancing business value," said R "Ray" Wang, Principal Analyst and CEO of Constellation Research, Inc. "Vendors who provide MDM technology to embrace these mega trends will increase the benefits and business value to their customers.”

Data Timeline: Effective Date Versioning
Informatica MDM 9.5 introduces a unique data timeline capability to track changes to data records and provide visibility into precisely what a version of a record looked like at any point in time. Organizations can use the new capability to:

  • Support compliance, risk management and auditing, answering such questions as, “We know something happened, but when did we know that it was going to happen.”
Big Data

Mobile MDM: iPad App
Informatica MDM 9.5 also takes MDM to the streets and into customer locations. A new Informatica MDM iPad App enables mobile users to view trusted master data residing in Informatica MDM. The iPad App:

  • Provides anytime, anywhere visibility into customer transaction, social and master data.
  • Marries single, trusted customer views with iPad location-based services to deliver location-specific customer information to sales and service reps.
  • Simplifies the managing of customers in a specific geography.

Big Data: High Velocity Master Data Resolution
The big data volumes and complexities unleashed by social, cloud and mobile computing place enormous pressures on MDM implementations. Virtual/online entity resolution across email, Twitter and social networks is now added to traditional entity resolution across internal systems. IP addresses, timings, access modes and word usage are now part of the entity resolution equation; while today’s high volume/high velocity data has a multiplying effect on everything to do with MDM.

Informatica MDM 9.5 comprehensively supports master data resolution for big data, enabling organizations to leverage high performance, low cost computing infrastructures to:

  • Quickly resolve entities such as customer identities in big data.
  • Efficiently engage in large batch data de-duplication when dataset partitioning is not possible.
  • Cost-effectively power social media analysis, linking/correlating fragments of entities into complete entities for meaningful interaction analysis.

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Informatica MDM 9.5, as part of the Informatica 9.5 platform, is available at the end of June 2012.

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