Informatica Introduces Ultra Messaging Dynamic Routing for High-Performance Global Messaging

New Dynamic Routing Option Breaks Through Barriers to Global Real-Time Views of Data

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., November 27, 2012 - 

Informatica Corporation (Nasdaq:INFA), the world’s number one independent provider of data integration software, today introduced the Informatica Ultra Messaging Dynamic Routing Option, a global messaging routing capability for Informatica Ultra Messaging environments. The new offering opens the door to reliable, high-performance guaranteed messaging across the globe and updates IT infrastructure for global real-time and “big data in motion” initiatives.

The Dynamic Routing Option extends the performance, resilience and scalability of the Informatica Ultra Messaging family of products with automatic best path selection, topic-based filtering, optimized protocols and global guaranteed delivery across WAN and LAN environments. Ultra Messaging customers can use the new option to:

  • Scale applications and data across data centers globally with high-availability and lower recurring costs, all on commodity hardware.
  • Provide guaranteed delivery of real-time business data such as order flows and trade data between applications separated by geographic, network or policy boundaries.
  • Prepare for “big data in motion” with high-performance global aggregation and guaranteed delivery for analytics, operational intelligence and business intelligence.

Increased Data Value at lower cost
Informatica Ultra Messaging is a peer-to-peer, software-only, ultra low-latency messaging solution that runs on commodity hardware. The Dynamic Routing Option in effect extends the Ultra Messaging bus by connecting Ultra Messaging Topic Resolution Domains across geographic, network and policy boundaries; converting protocols (e.g.: multicast-to-unicast) where required; and supporting global guaranteed delivery and hot/hot failover for high availability.

The Dynamic Routing Option enables customers to maximize their return on data by:

  • Enabling global real-time distribution of data. Electronic trading applications in capital markets and high performance messaging applications in other industries need high speed (low latency), high throughput and guaranteed messaging delivery worldwide, but often face issues with lossy, bandwidth-constrained WAN links. With the Dynamic Routing Option, Informatica supplies both low latency and global guaranteed delivery within a WAN-optimized routing gateway solution.
  • Increasing the resilience and efficiency of WAN-based distributed applications. WAN connections are exposed to packet loss and link failure, resulting in application downtime, missing messages, increased IT costs and lost revenues. The Dynamic Routing Option adds resilience and efficiency to WAN links, automatically delivering data over the shortest path available. In the event of WAN failure data is dynamically re-routed over the next available path ensuring continued system operation.
  • Overcoming constraints caused by network policies. Policies that place firewall and networking restrictions on applications can create issues with WAN efficiency, latency, throughput and even how an application is designed. The Dynamic Routing Option uses topic-based filtering and dynamic protocol conversion to sidestep such issues.
  • Lowering the cost of global data. Using the Dynamic Routing Option, customers can scale their messaging systems globally at a significantly lower cost and with increased reliability and a faster time-to-implementation compared to proprietary hardware-based messaging solutions.  

Bridge to Big Data and Real-time Applications
The Dynamic Routing Option also positions Informatica Ultra Messaging as a solution for capitalizing on emerging trends in big data and real-time information. Organizations of all types are having to gather and process ever higher volumes of data at increasingly higher speeds. Many are moving to harness big interaction data including Web, social and device data in real time to drive operational intelligence and real-time business processes. The new Dynamic Routing Option delivers the reliability, throughput, low latency and favorable economics of Informatica Ultra Messaging technology on a global scale to address these fast-rising needs.

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Supporting Quotes:

  • “We are very excited about the upcoming release of the Dynamic Routing Option,” said Rick Lane, CTO, Trading Technologies. “This will allow us to scale our business-critical data distribution across our data centers globally, with high availability, efficiency and resilience, allowing us to rapidly deploy new services for our clients.”
  • “Applications that require high-performance data movement are becoming more common in mainstream enterprises,” said W. Roy Schulte, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner. “Some applications use high-performance data movement to replicate data between two sites to achieve load balancing, disaster recovery or high availability ("hot/hot" system images). Others collect event data from multiple sources (fan-in), such as from embedded devices, distributed applications, logs, social applications or mobile devices. Increasingly, the ability to move large volumes of data efficiently and reliably in LAN and WAN environments is a key requirement of high-performance messaging.”
  • “Global enterprises need the ability to overcome barriers to efficient and economical data movement across LAN and WAN environments to get a universal real-time view of all their transactional and interaction data,” said Ash Kulkarni, senior vice president and general manager, Ultra Messaging, Informatica. “Ultra Messaging Dynamic Routing extends Informatica’s industry-leading messaging performance, resilience and scalability globally, ensuring that data is delivered instantly, reliably and cost-effectively across network boundaries.”

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