Informatica and Teradata Offer Unified Data Architecture for Data Integration Optimization and Big Data Analytics

Informatica Virtual Data Machine Serves as Data Integration Backbone for Teradata Unified Data Architecture; Delivers “Map Once, Deploy Anywhere” Data Integration Including on Hadoop

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., February 25, 2013 - 

Informatica Corporation (Nasdaq:INFA), the world’s number one independent provider of data integration software, and Teradata (NYSE:TDC), the analytic data solutions company, today announced that the Informatica Platform is now part of the Teradata Unified Data Architecture™ (UDA), delivering “map once, deploy anywhere” data integration optimization across Teradata Data Warehouse, Teradata Aster and Hadoop, based on cost and performance.

The combination of the Informatica Platform and Teradata UDA allows organizations to use the Informatica Virtual Data Machine to map data integration processes once, and then deploy them to run on workload-specific platforms within the Teradata UDA to power many type of analytics – all within a single data architecture. The solution provides customers the ability to:

  • Minimize the cost and risk of moving to big data – Projects can be staffed with readily available data integration developers certified on Informatica, removing the need to find or train scarce and expensive Hadoop specialists.
  • Align the right platform to the right job – For example, Teradata for data warehousing, Teradata Aster for data discovery and Hortonworks Data Platform for capturing and refining big data.
  • Increase developer productivity by up to 500 percent – Visual no-code Informatica development eliminates time-intensive hand-coding and its associated costs.

“Teradata UDA combined with the Informatica Platform empowers organizations to analyze more data and incorporate new sources of data in their analytics, resulting in faster, deeper and richer business insights,” said Chris Twogood, vice president of product and services marketing, Teradata. “Within this game-changing unified architecture, customers can be assured that their data integration processes are optimized for cost and performance and that they are exploiting the right platform for the right job, dependent on data volume, velocity, and variety. This provides a seamless analytic environment for organizations who want to get the most from all their data.”

In addition to providing the reference architecture for using the Informatica Platform within Teradata UDA, Teradata and Informatica offer professional services for data integration optimization assessment and implementation.

Map Once, Deploy Anywhere – Including Hadoop
With Informatica as a key component of Teradata UDA, customers can use the same no-code development environment when designing data integration for Hadoop as they do for data warehousing and discovery platforms, leveraging existing data integration developers without hiring specialized skill sets which are expensive and hard to find. The Informatica Virtual Data Machine, a component of the Informatica Platform, allows users to build a single set of graphical data integration mappings for deployment on a wide variety of platforms, including Hadoop, data warehouse and discovery platform appliances such as Teradata Data Warehouse, Teradata Aster and standalone extract, transform and load (ETL) infrastructure.

“Roughly 80% of the effort in developing bid data analytics is with the integration, transformation and cleansing of data in preparation for the actual analysis. With the Informatica Virtual Data Machine, tens of thousands of certified Informatica PowerCenter developers around the world can now instantly be Hadoop data integration developers, reducing the need to hire as many Hadoop experts,” said Todd Goldman, vice president and general manager, Core Technologies, Informatica. “Combined with codeless Informatica development, our customers can cut Hadoop data integration development costs in half while increasing development productivity by as much as 500 percent. As a result, the already tremendous value of Teradata UDA is extended even further, making it an affordable, enterprise-ready and low risk on-ramp to big data analytics.”

Data Integration for All Types of Analytics
The Informatica Platform enhances many types of analytics in a Teradata UDA environment. This is accomplished through:

  • Near universal data access – Including access to and rapid onboarding of relational, enterprise application, legacy mainframe, sensor device, social media, web logs and other multi-structured data (structured, unstructured or semi-structured).
  • Data integration optimized for Teradata UDA – A single data integration platform to run end-to-end data flow pipelines on the Teradata UDA, including native runtime execution on Hadoop and high-speed data ingestion and pushdown optimization to Teradata integrated   data warehouse platforms.
  • Comprehensive libraries of data integration assets – Including hundreds of pre-built ETL transformations, data quality rules and complex data parsing and data profiling directly on Hadoop to reduce development efforts, increase their quality and ensure user trust in insights derived from big data processing.
  • Enterprise-ready instant deployment for big data analytics – Including enterprise-level data security and privacy capabilities, unified system administration using Teradata Viewpoint, mission-critical high-availability and scalable high-performance data integration across the Teradata UDA.

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