New Informatica Ultra Messaging SMX Shatters 100 Nanosecond Latency Barrier

Game-Changing Messaging Transport Delivers 10x Speed Advantage Over Closest Alternative Solution

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., May 15, 2013 - 

Informatica Corporation (Nasdaq:INFA), the world’s number one independent provider of data integration software, today introduced Informatica Ultra Messaging SMX, the fastest and highest performing messaging software transport available based on performance benchmarking. Optimized for high speed electronic trading applications requiring the absolute lowest message latency and highest throughput, Ultra Messaging SMX delivers industry-leading sub-100 nanosecond latency with ultra-high throughput and scales linearly with message size and fan out.

SMX (Shared Memory Acceleration) is the first messaging transport to:

  • Break the 100 nanosecond latency barrier. 10 times faster on average than prior industry published standards, SMX delivers consistent sub-100 nanosecond latencies on commodity high speed multicore CPU hardware.
  • Provide sub-100 nanosecond latency across all language bindings. SMX delivers sub-100 nanosecond latencies natively across all three major development languages – C, Java and .NET.
  • Support both inter-process and inter-thread communication at sub-100 nanosecond latency. At this level of high performance, SMX becomes relevant for both inter-process communication (IPC) and inter-thread communication (ITC) capabilities.

Market’s Fastest Messaging: Driving Profits from High Speed Trading Strategies
The latest addition to the Ultra Messaging family’s broad array of message transports, Informatica Ultra Messaging SMX is targeted primarily at trading firms that rely on absolute lowest latency and highest throughput communication to drive competitive advantage and alpha-generating profit strategies. This includes firms engaged in market making, arbitrage, high frequency trading, and algorithmic trading.

Ultra Messaging SMX provides this absolute lowest latency natively across all major programming languages (C, Java and .NET APIs) with speeds ranging from 10X to 20X faster than other alternatives.

Innovative Architecture: Closing the Latency Gap Between Processes and Threads
Due to its unprecedented performance, Informatica Ultra Messaging SMX also changes the game for how messaging software can be used. Messaging software has traditionally been used for communication between multiple application processes, or inter-process communication (IPC) via shared memory. With SMX, developers can also leverage the benefits of messaging for inter-thread communication (ITC) within a single application process rather than having to develop their own shared memory ITC solution.

Performance Benchmark Results
Informatica will publish an Ultra Messaging SMX performance benchmark study in June. To register to receive this Ultra Messaging SMX whitepaper, please visit.

Informatica Ultra Messaging SMX is available now as part of Informatica Ultra Messaging Release 6.1.

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Supporting Quotes:

  • “With the new SMX transport, Informatica Ultra Messaging continues to set new performance standards and drive innovation in high performance messaging,” said Ronen Schwartz, vice president and general manager, Emerging Technologies, Informatica. “Once again resetting the latency bar, Informatica empowers trading firms with an order of magnitude improvement in the ability to profit from high speed trading strategies. To be competitive, firms need this capability. At the same time, Ultra Messaging SMX empowers architects to use ultra-low latency messaging software not just for inter-process communication, but also for inter-thread communication within a single process, thus reshaping system design.”
  • “High performance messaging continues to be a major technology differentiator for us.  The sub-100 nanosecond latency of SMX gives architects the opportunity to leverage dense-multicore shared memory CPUs to deliver superior trading system performance for greater competitiveness.” said Kristofer Spinka, Head of R&D, StreamingEdge (Tradition Group).

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