Right Triangle

Silver System Integrator 

Right Triangle provides strategic information architecture services that will ensure your organization's information aligns with and supports your business operations and decision making so that you are better positioned to compete and win in your industry.  Based on our methodology, we deliver services that are aligned with your organization's answers to the six interrogatives.

Right Information

Why ? the purpose of your organization, division, department including near and long term goals and measurable objectives

What ? the things you want to track and measure in your organization such as customers, products, employees, vendors, sales and transactions.  The information required to compete and win

Right Consumer

Who ? the people required to execute and support your operation including employees, suppliers, distributors, and customers

Where ? the locations you do business, physical and virtual, that require infrastructure to reach and provide service to customers

Right Time

When ? the business cycles of your organization including sales and production cycles, seasonal peaks and troughs that will require sufficient capacity to eliminate service bottlenecks

How ? the processes in your organization that must be executed and effectively measured for continuous performance improvements

Right Triangle provides the best Enterprise Data Management (EDM) consultants available.  Our people, combined with our philosophy and approach to optimizing the delivery of information, will deliver solutions to your organization.  Our Right Methodology approaches data management as a constant cycle of Innovation of new ideas and solutions, Execution of projects, and Operation of production solutions.


  • Data Governance
  • Enterprise Data Program Management
  • Enterprise Data Architecture
  • Data Modeling
  • Meta-data Management
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Quality Management
  • Data Integration Architecture and Development
  • Business Intelligence Architecture Development
  • Analytics and Predictive Analytics
  • Test Data Program Management




North America: United States, Canada