IICS for Data Warehouse, Lake & App Modernization

Thank you for subscribing to our 4-part webinar series Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) for Data Warehouse, Lake, and App Modernization. Learn how you can succeed with cloud modernization, an intelligent data cloud built on a cloud-native, microservices - and API-based architecture that helps you accelerate time to value and increase ROI. You will gain the simplicity, productivity and scale you need to succeed.

Please note: Live chat and Q&A functionality are not available in the on-demand replay recordings.

Session 1: Introducing IICS for data warehouse, lake, and app modernization

Informatica’s AI-powered, API-driven, and microservices-based enterprise iPaaS, delivers the simplicity, productivity, and scale you need to succeed.

Session 2: Mass ingest data to feed your data warehouses and lakes with IICS

In this session you will learn how to use IICS to rapidly ingest data at any latency from files, databases (batch and change data capture), and streaming using easy self-service, wizard-based development.

Session 3: Build efficient, high-performance data pipelines with IICS

PowerCenter experts will learn how IICS advanced features such as Spark-based serverless processing are changing the game in the cloud.

Session 4: Successfully integrate and modernize your applications with IICS

In this session, you’ll learn how IICS delivers an end-to-end, flexible, and cloud-native solution to connect and integrate all your applications.

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