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Our webinars offer a new perspective on the trends that are shaping today’s business world—and the data management strategies making it all happen. Hear real-world success stories from customers, dive deep into demos, and get insights from industry experts on the strategies and topics you’re most interested in, from cloud migration and data warehouse modernization best practices to improving customer experience, data governance, API management, and more.

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Blake Morgan, CX Expert
Ana Delgado, Executive VP and Chief Customer Experience Officer, UnionBank of the Philippines

In today’s banking market, staying competitive demands a customer-first mindset. And data and technology are critical to building and delivering the superior real-time customer experience that drives growth and builds market share.




Etty Afriat, Director of Product Management, Informatica

The number and types of business partnerships you need to manage are expanding rapidly. And the more your partner ecosystem grows, the more you need to accelerate onboarding, ensure secure data exchange, and track transactions and interactions reliably.




Amit Kara, Director, Technical Marketing, Informatica
Amit Vaswani, Principal Architect, Informatica

Your organization needs to drive innovation, reduce IT costs, and manage data at scale. 




Sheryl Kingstone, VP Research, Customer Experience, 451 Research
Susan Wilson, VP Data Governance and Privacy, Informatica

You have questions about AI’s role in delivering superior data-driven customer experiences. CX and data governance experts from 451 Research and Informatica have answers.




Anton Mamyko, Data and Systems Manager, Westpac Bank
Gaurav Pathak, Vice President, Product Management, Informatica

Dawid Duda, Senior Director, Product Management, Informatica

You have massive amounts of data across hundreds of data sources, from complex enterprise applications and legacy systems to scripting languages and stored database procedures.




Wayne Eckerson, President, Eckerson Group
John Haddad, Vice President, Informatica

The cloud makes everything easy—maybe too easy. Even with first-hand experience integrating enterprise data for analytics, it’s easy to forget the lessons of the past.




Jennifer Yim, Manager of Data Supply Chain & AI, TELUS
Lance Paul, MDM Product Owner, TELUS
Tommy Tse, Technology Architect, TELUS

Customers expect brands to know who they are, and to be able to translate that knowledge into simple, value-added interactions. This shaped the mandate at TELUS to transform into a best-in-class, data-driven company.




Moritz Schlee, Senior IT Project Manager, Deutsche Leasing
Alexander Khrebtishchev, Head of Global Reporting, Deutsche Leasing 
Thomas Brence, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Informatica

The most critical aspect of maintaining momentum with data governance is ensuring that business and IT leaders agree on – and implement – best practices for governing data at scale across the organization.




Sumeet Agrawal, Product Management, Informatica
Chris Phillips, VP Product Management, Data Governance & Privacy, Informatica

Are you building a cloud data warehouse or a data lake in the cloud? Whether you are exploring Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Snowflake, or other cloud options, you need intelligent, automated data pipelines that will process and manage data at scale. 




David Corrigan, Vice President Products, Customer Insights, Informatica
Manouj Tahiliani, Vice President, Product Management, Informatica

When your data is connected, accurate, and relevant across functions, the resulting 360-degree view of your business encourages collaboration, facilitates coordination, and generates better outcomes.




Lesley Hanly, VP, MDM Product Management, Informatica
Federico Alonso Bernard, Sr. Product Specialist, Informatica

ERP migrations typically require two or more ERP systems to function simultaneously for a significant amount of time—meaning that data quality and data synchronization are key to project success.




Chris Philips, VP Product Management, Data Governance & Privacy, Informatica
Gary Patterson, Sr. Director Product Management, Data Privacy & Protection, Informatica

As operating models evolve and privacy mandates become both more common and more demanding, your best defense against data risk is data protection and transparency.





Kris Marshall, Head of Data, Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency

The UK’s Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) oversees the safe operation of more than 40 million vehicles. As an agency that offers driving lessons, issues licenses to drive, certifies that vehicles meet safety and environmental standards, and monitors vehicle recalls, the DVSA generates a vast amount of data that needs to reach the right people at the right time to keep the roads safe




Michael King, Director, BNY Mellon
Khuan Tan, Senior Director, Product Management, Enterprise Data Catalog, Informatica
Charles Mathew, Product Marketing Manager, Enterprise Data Catalog, Informatica

To optimize the value of your enterprise data, you must first understand what its value actually is. How is it growing? Who’s adopting it and collaborating around it? How is it being used and enriched?




Blake Morgan, Customer Experience Futurist
Richard Cramer, Chief Healthcare Strategist, Informatica

Why should your healthcare organization reinvent the customer experience when it can replicate best practices from other industries instead?