Fingerprint consultancy

Silver Reseller 

Through its experienced ITSM Team & ITIL Consultants, Fingerprint Consultancy has managed to deliver IT Service Management solutions based on IT best practices to small, medium & large sized businesses; transforming them into skilled adopters of best practices in the field of IT Service Management. Fingerprint Consultancy established itself as a leader and innovator in data structuring (big data) solutions and IT Management software’s with services spanning Gulf, Middle East and North Africa all to address the big data dilemma. Since its inauguration in 2006 Fingerprint Consultancy built a strong physical presence in the region with headquarters in Saudi Arabia, and regional offices in Egypt and UAE. Fingerprint Consultancy has extensive expertise in handling information management and data structuring situations having a long history working with various business sizes from Small and Medium to Enterprise sized organizations, as well as keeping a strategic relation with top industry vendors like cloudera, Horton works, HP, IBM, DELL-EMC, Oracle and Cisco.




Europe, Middle East & Africa: Egypt