Beta 80 Group

Gold System Integrator | Reseller 


Year founded: 1986
Staff: 400
2015 turnover: 32 million Euros
Offices: Italy, USA, Brazil, Switzerland
Ownership: 100% belonging to founding partners
Profit: 100% reinvested in the company's development


Great listening skills and the right attitude in understanding business needs; strong technological expertise; long term reliability: all these are the values customers bestow to Beta 80 Group. We go to market with three Business Units, each dedicated to a specific business line. Customers can take advantage of: high-quality performance, prompt response and operational flexibility.


Beta 80 Group is focussed on specific market sectors. The ICT Services & Solutions Business Unit is the key contact to support customers in the Digital Transformation process, through best practices, agile approaches and innovative technologies. Besides the well-established ICT Management, Software Solutions and Managed Services areas, innovative areas such as Analytics/Big Data, IoT and DevOps stand out.

The Emergency & Crisis Management Business Unit is leader in Italy with its platforms for 112 and 118 Control Rooms. Beta 80 Group's solutions are already active in the 115, 116-117 and Civil Protection services, and significantly contributes to the welfare and safety of millions of citizens. Such excellence is now available to new public and private organizations, both in Italy and abroad.

The Supply Chain & Warehouse Management Business Unit has thirty-years of expertise in logistic project field. Its exclusive platforms for both traditional and automatic warehouses are constantly evolving.


The foreign market is huge, and Beta 80 Group continues to be a key reference at an international level, called to join Emergency Management projects in Europe, the USA and the Far East. The number of customers in Central America is growing in the Supply Chain & Warehouse Management field. Being aware of the technological value of our solutions, and thanks to our worldwide-acknowledged outstanding skills, we have increased our investments and based our future growth on further international expansion and development.




Europe, Middle East & Africa: Italy