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  • Bloor InDetail Paper: Informatica Data Governance

    An exploration of Informatica's intelligent data governance solution by Bloor Research, including data quality, data cataloging, compliance and privacy, and policy management, concluding that the solution contains "all the elements that you might look for."

  • Insurance Marketing in a Digital Era

    This new IDC paper developed between Informatica and Cognizant explores the role of data in the insurance industry and how it is changing rapidly.

  • A Practical Guide to Retiring Insurance Legacy Applications

    The insurance industry faces an urgent need to modernize critical legacy systems in order to improve organizational efficiency and introduce technologies that offer a competitive advantage. Whether they replace core systems with up-to-date packaged solutions, migrate from COBOL-based mainframes to more modern platforms, or both, insurers must also plan to retire the now redundant legacy systems. Otherwise, they face risks and expenses of operating old and new production systems simultaneously. This white paper sets out the necessary steps for an effective data archiving and retention strategy and suggests technology to support it.

  • Accelerating Insurance Legacy Modernization

    As insurers retire legacy applications and archive dormant data, they must also protect themselves against the risks and costs of data breaches. This white paper examines why legacy modernization projects pose a risk of data breaches and offers a way for insurers to mitigate the risk.

  • Data-Centric Security

    A vision of security for the new age of data, data-centric security protects the data itself – rather than just the endpoints, networks, and applications it moves between

  • The State of Data Security Intelligence

    Why are we so vulnerable? Data security and privacy challenge organizations. Billions have been spent on security software and hardware; but only 6% of organizations know where all the sensitive data resides. With the inevitability of a data breach, internal or external, organizations need to focus on understanding and protecting their sensitive data.

  • The State of Data Security Intelligence

    This Ponemon Institute’s research report reveals how organizations are using data security intelligence to assess and minimize risks to their sensitive and confidential information on premise and in the cloud.

  • Why You Need Test Data Management

    “Test data management” might not sound sexy, but if a flawed, poorly tested application tanks your business, you’ll wish you’d given it a lot more attention

  • Data-centric Security: A New Information Security Perimeter

    Information security practices are in the midst of a major transition. Why? Traditional security defenses are no match for internal and targeted attacks that circumvent security controls and steal sensitive data. Furthermore, IT infrastructure (and sensitive data) is extending inside and outside the perimeter; as organizations embrace cloud computing, mobility (i.e., mobile applications, remote/mobile employees, users, etc.), and big data analytics tools. To address modern threats and IT mobility, CISOs must adopt two new security perimeters around data­-centric security and identity.