Play a more strategic role with trustworthy financial and business data you can access—fast. 


Being CFO today is not just about profit and loss, expense management, or even budgetary control. Today’s CFOs are more strategic, and need to ensure better alignment with strategic business imperatives. This means they need a continuous flow of trusted data to be successful.

Trustworthy Data Fuels Better Business Decisions


More and more CFOs are taking a role in analytics. Unfortunately, the data that underpins compelling analytics often gets in the way of the CFO taking ownership of the analytics agenda. Learn how you can lead or help facilitate your firm’s analytics agenda. 

Next-Gen Analytics

Intelligent Data Platform

Gain competitive advantage by giving business users the tools to integrate, consume, and analyze trustworthy data.

Great Data for Great Analytics: Best Practices for Data Management

Analytics initiatives fail to deliver thanks to their underlying unrefined data—simply put: “garbage in, garbage out.”

Good Financial Reporting Relies on Compliance-Ready Data 


Your enterprise can’t afford to ignore data governance. Manage data as a strategic asset, and it’ll give you competitive advantage and drive economic value.

Data Governance Solutions

Fannie Mae

Learn how Fannie Mae made its data trustworthy to better manage financial and compliance reporting.

Holistic Framework for Information Governance

While CFOs say they do not own the management of information technology, they do own at minimum financial compliance and governance. Good financial governance is built upon good information governance. Learn how it can be lead.

Managing Data for Business Advantage

Learn what is involved in management data for business and financial management advantage.

Success Story: BMC Software

Learn how BMC improved its cash management function and AP and GL reconciliation.

Business-Ready Data Delivers Financial Success


The value of mastered data. Customer master data is pivotal to the financial order-to-cash process, and financial master data is key to driving change.

Master Data Management Solutions

Total Supplier Information Management

Not knowing exactly where you’re spending your money is guaranteed to have a disastrous impact on your business.

Additional Finance Solutions

Seemingly mundane finance challenges can have global implications if you don’t have great data.

Risk & Compliance

Increase transparency while simultaneously decreasing risk.

Grow Your Business

Support your business growth objectives with holistic data governance.

Finance and Insurance Industry Solutions

Tackle unique data challenges related to risk, compliance, and customer experience.

Link Netsuite to Traditional ERP Solutions

NetSuite integration enables financial systems to share data across the enterprise.

Link Microsoft Dynamics to Traditional ERP Solutions

Finance systems need to share data with other financial systems or other enterprise applications.

Link Concur to Enterprise Finance Systems

Maintain budgetary oversight over T&E expenses across your organization.