Potential at Work Articles

Navigating the SaaS landscape

Are your users purchasing cloud applications on their own? How can you advise them and stay on top of cloud sprawl?

Can you architect your way from sluggishness to speed?

Infrastructure complexity and poor coordination across teams are slowing some IT functions to a crawl. Enterprise architects should consider Lean Integration as a framework to architect for speed and agility while minimizing waste.

IT, automate thyself

Heed your own advice by focusing on automation and efficiencies. You will find it scales better than just throwing head count at your processes.

Say "Hello World" to Hadoop

Understand the inherent risks and complexities that an innovative solution can bring to already complex big data efforts.

Turn to CDC for real-time data

If you are looking to extract value from data, remember that big data is still too slow and unstructured for real time.

How fresh is your data?

Simply getting data is not good enough. You must get it to the right people at the right time while it is still fresh enough to be useful.

Has IT lost its competitive edge?

A decade ago, Nicholas G. Carr declared that IT no longer mattered. It turns out that he was two-thirds right and one-third wrong.

Staying agile in the cloud

What does your application methodology and infrastructure have to do with cloud application success? Everything, says one expert.

Amr Awadallah: Win big with big data

Use the vision of a big data pioneer to understand why you need to “walk before you run” to build the foundation of an enterprise data hub.

Architecting for big data

The Internet of Things produces data at rates beyond human comprehension. It may also overwhelm your data environment.

Are you ready for the cloud?

Enterprises are turning to the cloud to help tackle growing amounts of data. Bridging on-premise with the cloud is the new hybrid frontier.

3 high-priority topics for 2014

IT leaders are often too buried in day-to-day issues to take time to determine upcoming IT priorities. Fortunately, help has arrived.

5 recommendations for aspiring CIOs

It takes more than certifications and hard work to transition from a company’s IT trenches to the exalted C-suite. Here are five steps that will get you where you want to be.

Are you keeping your business analysts in the dark?

Business analysts are under-utilized, and it may be your fault. The most effective analysts work across the business. Before investing in high-priced data scientists, charge up your business analysts to unleash information potential.

See big data through a different lens

A successful big data project could be a big win for your organization and your career. Focus on the wrong priorities, however, and your big data project will be over before it even begins. Prioritizing data veracity, visualization and value is the key to success.

Whatever you do, don't lead with the data. Or the governance.

The term data governance can alienate business executives with implications of bureaucracy and inertia. Information management professionals should avoid discussing data governance, and instead quantify the negative impacts of unmanaged data.