• Cloud Analytics For Dummies

    Cloud analytics is dramatically altering business intelligence. Some businesses will capitalize on these promising new technologies and gain key insights that’ll help them gain competitive advantage. And others won’t.

  • Consolidating Multiple Salesforce Orgs: A Best Practice Guide

    An overview of the different approaches to addressing the multi-org challenge posed by Salesforce, as well as a discussion of how the Informatica Cloud® master data management (MDM) solution can maximize end-user adoption and return on investment.

  • A Faster Path to Profit for Technology Solution Providers

    How providers can continue to bring new products and services to market in less time than ever by embedding market-leading data integration capabilities from another vendor into their offerings instead of building their own data integration functionality.

  • 2-1-1 San Diego

    Serving the Underserved: 2-1-1 San Diego Builds Bridges of Caring with Informatica

  • Anaplan

    Making the Right Connections: Anaplan HyperConnect Drives Collaboration for Faster Decision Making and Greater Business Agility

  • Carbonite

    Leading business continuity solutions provider uses Informatica Cloud to share relevant and trustworthy Salesforce.com information in real-time.

  • Taking a Stand

    Ergotron Helps Customers Rethink Workspaces by Transforming Customer Service

  • The George Washington University

    The George Washington University boasts more than 25,000 students engaged in dozens of academic disciplines, spread across three campuses. The diversity of students, programs and geographies generates enrollment, student, financial and faculty data which must all channel into decision making.

  • Grant Thornton

    Grant Thornton puts real-time data at heart of decision making.

  • Interfor

    Modernizing EDI: Interfor Accelerates Customer Onboarding for Lumber Invoicing

  • JLL

    JLL Delivers Marketing Intelligence for Commercial Real Estate Investing.

  • Lenovo

    Getting to Know You: Lenovo Powers Marketing Automation Across a Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environment

  • Life Time

    Life Time: Helping Members Reach Health and Fitness Goals with Informatica

  • Misys

    With Informatica Cloud, Misys is able to migrate management of processes and systems to the cloud and more effectively deliver business services.

  • National Instruments

    National Instruments Uses a Scalable Hybrid Data Integration Platform to Deepen Customer Relationships

  • nCino

    Banking on the Cloud: nCino Makes Loan Processing Faster and More Efficient

  • Santa Fe Relocation

    Santa Fe increased efficiency by minimizing manual processes and support business needs

  • SendGrid Success Story

    SendGrid Delivers Better Customer and Employee Experiences Using Informatica’s Hybrid Cloud Data Management Solution for AWS

  • Living Life to the Fullest

    Shire Pharmaceuticals Uses Next Generation iPaaS and Data Analytics in the Fight Against Rare Diseases


    Financial institution uses Informatica Cloud Solution to Support Business Growth

  • The Travel Corporation

    The Travel Corporation (“TTC”), sometimes known as Travel Corp or TravCorp, is a travel and leisure group operating in over 60 countries with 35 offices and more than 10,000 staff around the world, serving over 1.5 million customers annually.

  • Delivering high performance through cloud integration

    Cloud computing is becoming increasingly mainstream as more organizations seek to take advantage of the agility, speed, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as well as other “as a service” delivery models.

  • Informatica Cloud Premium Edition

    The Flagship Edition for Enterprise Customers Looking to Make Use of a Unified Platform for Real-Time Application Integration and Advanced Cloud Data Integration

  • Informatica Cloud B2B Gateway

    Concentrate on your business and trust the back-end management, mappings, and security of your EDI messaging to trading partners.

  • Informatica for NetSuite

    Automate, synchronize, and streamline your business processes by quickly integrating NetSuite with other business applications

  • Informatica Connector for ServiceNow

    The Informatica ServiceNow connector uses the power of Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services to integrate ServiceNow with a wide variety of enterprise applications and keep your data in sync—no coding required.

  • MDM - Reference 360

    Use the Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services™ Integration Portfolio to Realize the Full Potential of Salesforce Einstein Analytics.

  • 6 Ways to Deliver Value From Your Cloud Data Warehouse

    Your cloud data warehouse must provide agility despite increasing complexity. This infographic offers six data management focal points for superior integration that assures trusted data, greater agility, and more intelligent insights.

  • The State of Cloud Analytics

    IDG Research Services surveyed IT and business leaders from more than 400 companies in North America and EMEA to derive their best practices for cloud analytics. Here are the most important findings and key innovations that your company can leverage for better competitive advantage and business success.

  • Journey to the Cloud - Open Forum Seminar Melbourne

    Informatica, along with partners Snowflake hosted a breakfast Open Forum event with special guest Ron Lunasin, Sr. Director, Ecosystem Program and Product Management and a guest panel. This informative presentation looks at the global shift towards a cloud-based environment and how Informatica can help to make a seamless transition.

  • Journey to the Cloud - Open Forum Seminar Sydney

    nformatica, along with partners Snowflake hosted an evening Open Forum event with special guest Ron Lunasin, Sr. Director, Ecosystem Program and Product Management and a guest panel. This informative presentation looks at the global shift towards a cloud-based environment and how Informatica can help to make a seamless transition.

  • Informatica Cloud Hybrid Architecture Assessment

    Used correctly, Informatica Cloud can help you to provide data integration capabilities to a broader audience in your organization. We can show you how you can put a tool in the hands of non-IT staff that will allow them to generate one-off integrations that are based upon the Informatica Vibe Platform; allowing your IT department to retain visibility and control of these efforts should a time come to bring them back under IT ownership.

  • Informatica Cloud Baseline Deployment

    Informatica Cloud allows Cloud subscribers the ability to synchronize operational systems, providing a more holistic view of the business and enabling better business decision making. Building your first cloud tasks can seem overwhelming. Let Informatica Professional Services guide you through the process, while demonstrating our best practices and cloud integration expertise.

  • Informatica Cloud Foundation

    Informatica Cloud allows Cloud subscribers the ability to synchronize operational systems,providing a more holistic view of the business and enabling better business decision making.

  • Informatica Cloud Real Time Foundation

    Delivered by expert instructors from Informatica Professional Services, the Informatica Cloud Real Time (ICRT) Foundation is a two week engagement designed for new users of ICRT. The first half of the engagement consists of live demos, presentations, discussions, and hands-on labs covering all of the basic skills needed to design, develop, test, deploy and monitor new business processes in ICRT.

  • Data-Quality-as-a-Service

    Capgemini and Informatica offer a data quality service that gives you the benefits of Software as-a-Service (SaaS) yet is completely customizable

  • Bluewolf Annual Review: The State of Salesforce 2014-2015

    The State of Salesforce is Bluewolf’s annual analysis of how the best companies use Salesforce. Based on global data collected in collaboration with the MIT Sloan School of Management, this annual review distills insights from more than one thousand Salesforce customers.

  • Consolidating Multiple Salesforce Orgs: A best Practice Guide

    An overview of the different approaches to addressing the multi-org challenge posed by Salesforce, as well as a discussion of how the Informatica Cloud® master data management (MDM) solution can maximize end-user adoption and return on investment.

  • Digital Transformation Drives Customer Engagement

    Enterprises must overcome data management issues to successfully execute digital business strategies that meet customer expectations. A joint whitepaper developed by CIO Magazine, Deloitte and Informatica.

  • A Faster Path to Profit for Technology Solution Providers

    How providers can continue to bring new products and services to market in less time than ever by embedding market-leading data integration capabilities from another vendor into their offerings instead of building their own data integration functionality.

  • Grid Health 360

    A look at the analytics use cases created by the Grid Health 360 solution for asset management.

  • Cloud Integration Hub Introduction

    Simplify your complex cloud and hybrid data integration with a publish/subscribe hub designed for enterprise data. Informatica's popular Integration Hub is now available as a service within Informatica Cloud. Learn how to boost the efficiency of your SaaS, cloud and hybrid data integration with Cloud Integration Hub.

  • Cloud Integration Hub Product Demo

    See Informatica Cloud Integration Hub in action. This is a recording of a product demo so that you can better understand how Cloud Integration Hub works and how it’s modern publish/subscribe hub for data can simplify complex cloud and hybrid data integrations. Better organize your cloud data integration, save time and costs, and improve data governance with Informatica’s Integration Hub in the cloud. Cloud Integration Hub is available today as a service in Informatica Cloud.

  • Democratizing Data with SAP and Salesforce1 Integration

    The Salesforce1 platform’s intuitive user experience enables business users to easily access and use their business data from any device. Learn how Addivant™, a leading global specialty chemicals supplier of polymer additives, used Informatica Cloud to integrate key sales, pricing and operational data from SAP and Salesforce.com.

  • Salesforce Wave Analytics & Informatica: Driving the Data-Driven Enterprise

    With the release of Wave, Salesforce is fulfilling the promise of cloud analytics and customer insight for every business user, across any enterprise. While Salesforce, and its Analytics Cloud, is leading the charge to make every line of business data-driven, Informatica Cloud is helping to fulfill that vision with its complementary portfolio of solutions designed to make the data complete, trusted and contextual.

  • Achieving Cloud Data Warehousing Scale with Redshift and S3

    Most enterprises are still deciding what the core components of a cloud data warehousing and analytics solution should be. Come see how Red Hat deployed a secure cloud data warehousing architecture inside Amazon VPC using Amazon Redshift and S3.

  • SendGrid Improves Email Delivery with Hybrid Data Warehousing

    SendGrid’s reliable email platform delivers each month over 20 billion transactional and marketing emails each month on behalf of many of your favorite brands, including Uber, Airbnb, Spotify, Foursquare and NextDoor. As part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Webinar Services, Informatica invites you to a webinar with our customer, SendGrid, to hear how they are leveraging their data for better business outcomes.

  • Data Powers Ryder’s Journey to Cloud with Amazon Redshift

    Trucks bearing the Ryder logo likely pass you by every day. Ryder is relied upon, by over 50,000 customers and more than half of Fortune 500 companies, to manage their critical fleet, transportation and supply chain, with outstanding on-time delivery rate. Needless to say, data is the critical fuel for Ryder’s overall operations. Pun intended. Informatica will be hosting Ryder to discuss their journey to cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Amazon Redshift and the critical role data management plays in Ryder’s strategic cloud initiatives.

  • Informatica Cloud – An Introduction

    Cloud platforms (e.g. AWS and Azure) and cloud applications (e.g. Salesforce, Workday, Tableau) are becoming an increasingly prevalent constituent of a company’s enterprise architecture. This webinar sets out the market context overall, Informatica’s leading Gartner cloud Integration product overview and it’s position within Informatica’s strategy.

  • Power your business with a Cloud Data Integration Hub

    As cloud-first organizations adopt multiple SaaS applications, they need an efficient way to connect them together and with on-premise systems. In this webinar you’ll learn how to empower marketing, sales & finance users and make data more accessible to enhance team productivity.

  • Creating a Single Customer View in Salesforce

    Customer data is increasingly dispersed across various company platforms and processes and brought into Salesforce. This webinar outlines how Informatica Cloud Customer 360 and Informatica Cloud Integration can enable Salesforce with clean, consistent customer data – creating better sales opportunities and improving customer intimacy across the business.

  • Minimizing Business Disruption by Managing Hybrid Data

    No matter whether your business is big or small, your data most likely resides in the cloud, such as AWS or Azure, or in both the cloud and on-premises. The trick now is to effectively manage and integrate all your data so sales, marketing, HR & Finance can benefit from it. In this webinar, you'll learn how to minimize business disruption by deploying a hybrid cloud data management strategy.

  • Informatica Cloud Spring 2017 Release

    With Informatica Cloud Spring 2017 supercharge your analytics with high performing cloud Data Warehouse loads, accelerate your journey to cloud with best in class cloud data management services.

  • Overview & Demo: PowerCenter, Data Quality, Data Integration Hub 10.2 Unveiled

    You want to transform your business, but your data is spread across a multitude of on-premise and cloud systems. How are you going to organize and manage it all? And how do you even know what data you have and if it’s clean and reliable? We have your answers. Discover how Informatica simplifies the journey to cloud at the latest unveiling of the world’s #1 data integration and data quality solution.

  • Cloud Data Warehouse with PowerCenter and Amazon Redshift – Deep Dive & Demo

    In this technical session we will discuss the reasons many customers are extending PowerCenter to support cloud data warehouses on AWS with Amazon Redshift and review common patterns for Amazon Redshift adoption. We will overview the Amazon Redshift architecture and discuss available options from Informatica for extending PowerCenter to support Amazon Redshift. We will share details about using prebuilt Informatica connectors for Amazon Redshift and other AWS services such as Amazon S3, and overview advanced scaling features such as grid, partitioning and pushdown optimization.

  • Action GDPR: Finding Sensitive Data

    GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is only a year away, and many organisations are still trying to understand what this new regulation means to them, and their data governance practices. Join us for the second in a series of webinars which focus on how organisation's can begin to action GDPR - this short session is all about accelerating Data Discovery & Classification, how to automate and put in place a repeatable 'near real time capability' with Informatica's Secure@Source.

  • Bring Great Data from Any Data Source to Azure and Cortana Analytics

    Attend this webinar to learn how Informatica can help you bring clean and validated data from hundreds of data sources across on-premise and cloud applications to numerous Microsoft Azure services such as SQL Database, SQL Data Warehouse, Blob Storage etc. Informatica Cloud has been recognized as a leader by Gartner in the Integration platform as a service (iPaaS) category.

  • Cloud panel: Get Results with Your Cloud Investments

    Do you have a cloud first mandate? If so, are you seeing favorable business results around agility, cost or time-to-market? Whether your focus is on standing-up new cloud applications, creating data centers in the cloud, or building a data warehouse in the cloud, it’s critical that you have a sound data management strategy to realize these business results. Hear tips on how to maximize your cloud investments from customers who have embraced this approach and from cloud experts who can provide insights.

  • Hybrid Panel: Success in a Hybrid Cloud World

    Are you on a journey to cloud with a hybrid approach? Most businesses with a substantial investment in on-premise applications, data centers and data warehouses are embracing a hybrid approach for their journey to cloud. Adopting a hybrid approach allows you to be flexible and pace yourself as your center of gravity shifts from on-premise to cloud. This allows you to migrate select applications and systems to the cloud while continuing to maintain others on premise. Learn how to succeed with a hybrid approach from key customers and industry experts.

  • Defining Enterprise Cloud Data Management for a hybrid world

    Is your company on a data-driven digital transformation journey? With cloud being a strong directive, managing the enterprise data across cloud and on-premises environments is a common impediment in this journey. However, you are not alone when facing this hybrid data management challenge. Join Forbes contributor and analyst, Joe McKendrick and James Humphrey, Principal Architect at National Instruments as they share critical business drivers, use cases and challenges shaping the success of the journey to cloud.

  • The Critical Steps on a Cloud-First Journey

    Data is the center of gravity of the modern company. A robust data strategy is a critical enabler of digital transformation for your business. We live in a world where businesses are generating exponential data across cloud, on-premises and hybrid locations that need to be connected, managed, and secured.

  • Red Hat’s Adoption of Cloud Analytics Architecture

    Enterprises adopt cloud for their analytics architecture to support high scalability, speed to value and timely analytics. Join Ian Firman, Data Warehouse Architect at Red Hat, to go under the hood and understand how they drive massive scale and performance of their analytics environment, deal with huge volumes of data across cloud and on-premises, and deliver trusted data for advanced analytics, data modeling and deep learning using Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services and Amazon Web Services Redshift.

  • Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services for Amazon Redshift – Deep Dive & Demo

    In this technical session, we will learn about the different use cases around Amazon Redshift and discuss how Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services is used to implement these use cases. Through real world examples, you’ll learn about best practices, when to use ETL versus ELT, performance tuning, and new features recently introduced.

  • Informatica Cloud Data Wizard for Salesforce

    The Informatica Cloud Data Wizard is a next-gen data loader built natively into Salesforce, designed for any user. It offers one-touch bi-directional data loads for flat-files, databases, and other cloud, and on-premises apps.

  • Intuit expands to cloud application integration with Informatica Cloud

    Intuit has been an Informatica customer for years, but when they started adopting cloud solutions like Salesforce, they needed a solution to meet their needs. Intuit explored Informatica’s cloud integration solution for cloud application integration. Without any prior experience, Intuit was able to migrate data in 2 days. With Informatica Cloud, they have expanded their Informatica footprint from business intelligence use cases to cloud application integration.

  • Informatica Cloud Designer Overview

    The Cloud Designer can be used by a developer to build reusable integrations that include parameterized values – allowing line of business app users to quickly create tasks for repeatable processes.

  • Brocade Finds a Scalable Cloud Integration Platform Solution

    As a long-time Informatica customer, Brocade was looking for a solution to meet their Salesforce integration requirements. Brocade added Informatica Cloud to their portfolio as a cloud integration platform to meet their current Salesforce integration and future cloud integration needs.

  • Getting Started with the Informatica Cloud Mapping Designer

    This short video will show you how to get started with the Informatica Cloud Mapping Designer. With the Designer you can: * Create flexible, reusable mappings * Create tasks that are not supported in the Data Synchronization app * Build reusable mapping with parameterized values

  • Informatica Cloud Helps AppDynamics Reduce Complexity

    AppDynamics, an application performance management company, uses Informatica Cloud for its ease of use - especially for business users. Informatica Cloud addressed their needs with self-serviceability and by use of a single repository. AppDynamics found Enterprise Service Bus Architectures (ESB) to be complex and required manual processes like custom coding.

  • Life Time Fitness upgrades to a more efficient cloud-based system with Informatica & Microsoft Azure

    Life Time Fitness is a health and wellness company currently operating 118 fitness centers in the US and Canada (many open 24 hours a day), helping subscribed members achieve health objectives, engage in athletics, and reach fitness goals. Informatica is helping Life Time Fitness improve their customer intimacy and developing a 360° view of members that correlates their subscription information with their fitness routines, with their other activities inside the clubs (e.g. yoga, basketball), and with in-club point of sale information (e.g. buying smoothies or jump ropes).

  • Land O’Lakes

    Land O’Lakes leverages Informatica and Salesforce to provide data analytics to its global agricultural cooperative. 10,000 employees across three business units utilize Informatica and Salesforce to help members, producer partners, and consumers maximize efficiency through data.

  • BT Improves Salesforce Reporting and Analytics with Informatica Cloud

    BT is the major provider of telecommunications networks and services in the UK as well as a global communications company serving customers in more than 170 countries. With Informatica Cloud, BT integrated nine Salesforce organizations to provide a single view of sales prospects, agile reporting and forecasting and the ability to plan strategically as a business.

  • Campaign Execution and Follow Up

    Trouble with tracking marketing ROI? Trying to get a single view of customers and prospects in Salesforce.com? Informatica Cloud MDM can help you identify which opportunities were sourced or influenced by a campaign.