• Cloud Integration Hub Introduction

    Simplify your complex cloud and hybrid data integration with a publish/subscribe hub designed for enterprise data. Informatica's popular Integration Hub is now available as a service within Informatica Cloud. Learn how to boost the efficiency of your SaaS, cloud and hybrid data integration with Cloud Integration Hub.

  • Cloud Integration Hub Product Demo

    See Informatica Cloud Integration Hub in action. This is a recording of a product demo so that you can better understand how Cloud Integration Hub works and how it’s modern publish/subscribe hub for data can simplify complex cloud and hybrid data integrations. Better organize your cloud data integration, save time and costs, and improve data governance with Informatica’s Integration Hub in the cloud. Cloud Integration Hub is available today as a service in Informatica Cloud.

  • Democratizing Data with SAP and Salesforce1 Integration

    The Salesforce1 platform’s intuitive user experience enables business users to easily access and use their business data from any device. Learn how Addivant™, a leading global specialty chemicals supplier of polymer additives, used Informatica Cloud to integrate key sales, pricing and operational data from SAP and Salesforce.com.

  • Salesforce Wave Analytics & Informatica: Driving the Data-Driven Enterprise

    With the release of Wave, Salesforce is fulfilling the promise of cloud analytics and customer insight for every business user, across any enterprise. While Salesforce, and its Analytics Cloud, is leading the charge to make every line of business data-driven, Informatica Cloud is helping to fulfill that vision with its complementary portfolio of solutions designed to make the data complete, trusted and contextual.

  • Achieving Cloud Data Warehousing Scale with Redshift and S3

    Most enterprises are still deciding what the core components of a cloud data warehousing and analytics solution should be. Come see how Red Hat deployed a secure cloud data warehousing architecture inside Amazon VPC using Amazon Redshift and S3.

  • SendGrid Improves Email Delivery with Hybrid Data Warehousing

    SendGrid’s reliable email platform delivers each month over 20 billion transactional and marketing emails each month on behalf of many of your favorite brands, including Uber, Airbnb, Spotify, Foursquare and NextDoor. As part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Webinar Services, Informatica invites you to a webinar with our customer, SendGrid, to hear how they are leveraging their data for better business outcomes.

  • Data Powers Ryder’s Journey to Cloud with Amazon Redshift

    Trucks bearing the Ryder logo likely pass you by every day. Ryder is relied upon, by over 50,000 customers and more than half of Fortune 500 companies, to manage their critical fleet, transportation and supply chain, with outstanding on-time delivery rate. Needless to say, data is the critical fuel for Ryder’s overall operations. Pun intended. Informatica will be hosting Ryder to discuss their journey to cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Amazon Redshift and the critical role data management plays in Ryder’s strategic cloud initiatives.

  • Informatica Cloud – An Introduction

    Cloud platforms (e.g. AWS and Azure) and cloud applications (e.g. Salesforce, Workday, Tableau) are becoming an increasingly prevalent constituent of a company’s enterprise architecture. This webinar sets out the market context overall, Informatica’s leading Gartner cloud Integration product overview and it’s position within Informatica’s strategy.

  • Power your business with a Cloud Data Integration Hub

    As cloud-first organizations adopt multiple SaaS applications, they need an efficient way to connect them together and with on-premise systems. In this webinar you’ll learn how to empower marketing, sales & finance users and make data more accessible to enhance team productivity.

  • Creating a Single Customer View in Salesforce

    Customer data is increasingly dispersed across various company platforms and processes and brought into Salesforce. This webinar outlines how Informatica Cloud Customer 360 and Informatica Cloud Integration can enable Salesforce with clean, consistent customer data – creating better sales opportunities and improving customer intimacy across the business.

  • Minimizing Business Disruption by Managing Hybrid Data

    No matter whether your business is big or small, your data most likely resides in the cloud, such as AWS or Azure, or in both the cloud and on-premises. The trick now is to effectively manage and integrate all your data so sales, marketing, HR & Finance can benefit from it. In this webinar, you'll learn how to minimize business disruption by deploying a hybrid cloud data management strategy.

  • Informatica Cloud Spring 2017 Release

    With Informatica Cloud Spring 2017 supercharge your analytics with high performing cloud Data Warehouse loads, accelerate your journey to cloud with best in class cloud data management services.

  • Overview & Demo: PowerCenter, Data Quality, Data Integration Hub 10.2 Unveiled

    You want to transform your business, but your data is spread across a multitude of on-premise and cloud systems. How are you going to organize and manage it all? And how do you even know what data you have and if it’s clean and reliable? We have your answers. Discover how Informatica simplifies the journey to cloud at the latest unveiling of the world’s #1 data integration and data quality solution.