• Stuller

    When Data Is Gold: Stuller Manages Millions of Jewelry Products with Informatica

  • Sutter Health

    Sutter Health is reinventing healthcare in the digital era with the help of Informatica MDM

  • Swiss Post International Improved Customer Retention with Online Address Cleaning

    Swiss Post International helps customers execute successful international direct marketing campaigns. One key success factor for direct marketing is having correct addresses resulting in improved deliverability and reduced costs for postal organizations and their customers. Swiss Post International engaged AddressDoctor to develop a customized Data Quality Center (DQC), an online system for the validation and correction of postal addresses. Swiss Post's DQC, called IAC (International AddressCleaning) allows fully automated cleaning of postal addresses from more than 240 countries.


    Show Me That You Know Me: TELUS Connects with 14 Million Customers in a Personal Way

  • Union Bank of the Philippines

    Getting to Know Your Customers: Union Bank of the Philippines Drives 12x Higher Revenue with Digital Transformation

  • Wasco

    Wasco Becomes an Agile, Omnichannel Wholesale Business with Informatica MDM - Product 360

  • Winsupply

    Informatica Intelligent Data Platform provides Winsupply with a single source of trusted information across the product supply chain, improves data accuracy and simplifies product assortment process for suppliers and enables data-driven decision-making.

Success Story

ACH Food saved $3 million in data migration costs with Informatica products

Success Story

Adventist Health System unifies its ERP systems and developed a Data Governance program for business agility

Success Story

A Textbook Approach to Data Governance

Success Story

Leading Spanish telecommunications provider Amena minimizes risk of deploying new CRM system using Informatica data integration and data quality.

Success Story

Helping More Patients. Faster: How Amgen Personalizes Care with Master Data Driven Insights

Success Story

Health care information network accelerates move to HIPAA 4010/5010A transaction processing; reduces compliance costs with Informatica.