• Cloud Data Marketplace

    Cloud Data Marketplace is the industry's only cloud-native, intelligent solution for data democratization.

  • Cloud Data Quality Radar

    Companies need to be able to increase revenues from new and existing customers, but they lack data they can trust to do this effectively.

  • 3875_Employee Data Verification Services DS_COVID19 image_en

    Recent developments—including an increase in working remotely and mandated requests for individuals to observe social distance—have underscored how important it is for employers to maintain regular contact with their employees. Throughout this time of uncertainty, employers want to be able to verify that employees are safe, keep them informed about company plans, and maintain morale.

  • Informatica Data Quality

    Informatica Data Quality enables organizations to profile, standardize, cleanse, measure and monitor the overall quality of their data.

  • Grid Health 360

    How the Grid Health 360 solution creates a golden record of grid asset information to help to support predictive analytics for utilities.