B2B: Data Transformation for Developers - Public Classroom

  • Instructor Led
  • Data Integration
  • 4 Days

This course is an introduction to Informatica’s B2B Data Transformation for developers, analysts, and other users who are responsible for designing and implementing transformations. It also includes best practices for Parsing, Serializing, and Mapping tasks. This course is applicable to software version 10.2.0.

Course Overview & Agenda


After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

Discuss the key concepts of the B2B Data Transformation

Utilize parsing techniques

Move information from an XML structure to an output format

Perform XML to XML transformation with Mappers

Discuss various preprocessors and their uses

Describe locators, keys, and indexing and their uses

Explain concepts such of Logic implementation via conditions and Specification-driven transformation

List the Streamers to process large documents and validators

View the notification process and failure handling techniques

Discuss the purpose of Libraries

Explore the usage of Data Transformation services in B2B Data Exchange and the usage of prebuilt libraries in Data Transformation

Discuss PowerCenter integration via the Data Processor transformation

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