Data Validation Option for PowerCenter (DVO) - onDemand

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Data Validation Option for PowerCenter (DVO) introduces the students to the recommended data validation and testing methodology specifically for Data Validation Option, automatic test generation, reporting, and trouble-shooting.

Course Overview & Agenda

Please note:

This is an onDemand training course with Labs. Course Content is available for 90 days after purchase. Labs are activated at the time of registration and are available for 90 days or until all lab hours are consumed.


After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

Develop a high-level understanding of the Data Validation Option architecture and functionality.

Develop a high-level understanding of test types in general (aggregate, set and value)

Develop a high-level understanding of the options that can be chosen when creating a test

Develop an understanding of how to run tests, and evaluate test results

Obtain experience creating basic aggregate tests, which include COUNT, COUNT DISTINCT, COUNT ROWS, SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX.

Develop an understanding of value test functions, which include VALUE, and OUTER_VALUE.

Obtain experience setting up and running value tests

Develop an understanding of SET tests, which include SetA_in_B, SetB_in_A, Set_AinB, and Set_ANotInB.

Obtain experience creating set tests

Target Audience


Available Languages



Basic familiarity with database concepts

Basic SQL experience

Familiarity with PowerCenter is helpful, but not required

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