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Modernize your data architecture

Building and scaling new business models to gain insights from disparate data faster, while reducing IT costs, requires an architecture that can go from prototype to zettabyte scale as your needs evolve. The Google Cloud Platform offers high-performance, cost-effective, and scalable cloud infrastructure. Informatica, in turn, offers the fastest way to deliver, manage, and synchronize connected, trusted data from cloud, on-premises, and big data sources into the Google Cloud Platform.

Expedite Data Migration to Google BigQuery

Moving existing workloads and data sets to the cloud can improve agility and decrease costs. Informatica powers data management initiatives and future-proofs your IT investment when migrating on-premises workloads to Google BigQuery. With high-performance data integration and prebuilt connectivity, customers can accelerate the process of migrating a wide variety of data workloads to Google BigQuery from on-premises applications, relational databases, and data warehouses.  

Get a $200 Google Cloud Platform credit with your Informatica for Google Cloud Platform free trial. 


Maximize marketing analytics

Google Marketing Analytics puts your data to work to show how programs have performed and how customers interact. It then defines the marketing mix that is key to success. Informatica enables marketing organizations to derive optimum value from Google Marketing Analytics by combining, enriching, and augmenting existing Google applications data with data from social, CRM, and marketing automation sources. Users can leverage Informatica out-of-the-box connectivity to sources such as Marketo, Eloqua, and Salesforce and quickly transform and load the desired data into Google Marketing Analytics for a holistic view of their entire marketing landscape.


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