Contextual Marketing


Today’s tech-savvy customers are highly likely to research new purchases online and through their peers. In fact, in the 2018 PwC Global Customer Insights Survey, consumers ranked social networks as their top source of inspiration for purchases. This trend of skipping pre-purchase visits to physical locations like car showrooms puts manufacturers in a peculiar position: They must enable and support online research, yet convince the client to physically engage with the product to cultivate an emotional connection.

Informatica Big Data Management, Enterprise Data Lake, MDM - Customer 360, and MDM - Product 360 provide the critical context data that enables you to engage with your customers in a more nuanced yet scalable way. By delivering the right information during critical moments in a customer’s journey, you can sustain customer loyalty and maintain repurchase rates.


Key Benefits

Boost repurchase rates

Reduce incentive spend

Combat customer defection

Enhance brand equity