Driving Resilience and Digital Agility by Modernizing to Azure with Informatica

Last Published: Jun 29, 2022 |
Tamara Striffler
Tamara Striffler

Our way of doing business will never be the same again. The pandemic has become a catalyst for many companies to accelerate their digital transformation. Enterprises, in our new world, require the digital agility to quickly respond to and recover from dynamic market changes such as 100% digital engagement and remote workforces. They are looking to leverage the cloud to help them modernize their operational models, reduce costs, and ensure employee safety while quickly innovating to better engage customers.  A recent global business barometer survey by the Economist stated that 50% of global executives say that digital agility will be a key driver for post-COVID resilience, and almost 36% say that better end-to-end integration of technology systems is the greatest opportunity for resilience.

Sounds daunting, doesn’t it? Don’t worry. Informatica and Microsoft are committed to helping our joint customers adapt quickly and accelerate modernization to an Azure cloud data warehouse or data lake. In fact, Informatica was recently named Microsoft’s 2020 Data Analytics Partner of the Year. Our goal is to be trusted advisors in your digital transformation journey to help you maximize the value of cloud and drive cloud-scale analytics to ensure digital agility and resilience during today’s rapidly changing business and technology environment.

You can rest assured we’ve got your back; we have thousands of joint customers across every industry who have completed or are going through this transformation right now as I write this blog. Here are some examples of customer success and exciting new offerings to help customers consolidate and modernize on Azure with Informatica.

Driving Agility and Profitability with aGoverned IT Data Architecture on Azure

A large bank that provides loans, credit cards, and insurance to 1.5Mcustomers in the Nordics is increasing speed and agility with a well governed modern data architecture built on Azure. The bank needed to consolidate data from 16separate on-premises data warehouses and 4 unique IT infrastructures into4 country-specificdatamartswith asingle, common IT architecture builton Azure. They worked with Informatica and Microsoft toreorganize their IT organization anddata governance structureto enableagile business development andimprove time to market fordigitized products and services via an efficient, well-structuredcloud data architecture.

They are using Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) to store all data and ensure local regulatory requirements are met. Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services connectscustomer datacoming from Salesforce, real-time systems, and their core bankingsystem into a single customer engagementplatform on Azure, accelerating the information needed for car loans, applications, and approvals.​And Informatica data governance and data quality solutionsimprove the technicaldata quality control capabilities through better data quality andensure proper compliance.

The output is sustainable profitability through a single, governed IT data architecture that has accelerated their time-to-market and improved operational efficiencies across countries. Consolidating and modernizing legacy systems to Azure, with increased automation andfocus on digital agility and IT efficiencies, has helped them to reduce costs and increasethe organization’s speed and agility to develop new products and services while ensuring compliance with core banking systems.

What’s New

Microsoft is helping customers become digitally agile, minimize their operational costs, and are helping organizations build digital resilience. We are excited to continue our support and deepen our partnership with Microsoft through new enhancements in Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services, our Azure-native integration platform as a service. New Informatica Cloud Data Integration (CDI), and CDI-elastic (CDI-e) features for Azure further enhance our support for cloud data lake/data warehouse use cases, and deeper support for data governance use cases.

Specifics include:

  • Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services offers improved performance and optimization with pushdown optimization between Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS Gen2) and Azure Synapse Analytics; and the ability to augment Azure Synapse data with non-Azure data via external tables.
  • Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog now enables data profiling and lineage available for both ADLS Gen2 and Synapse Analytics.

For customers who are looking to gain a single view of their data; get a complete 360-degree view of connections between customer, product and suppliers; and better understand all interactions across their data, our industry-leading modular, Master Data Management solution is now native on Azure, enabling customers to run 100% on Azure for all their Enterprise Cloud Data Management needs.

Helping Healthcare Organizations “Reimagine Tomorrow”

And we are excited to be a strategic partner for the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare to help connect, extend, and enable healthcare data—and its associated workflows and cloud scale analytics—within the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, as well as the organization’s on-premises environment. Our AI-driven Enterprise Cloud Data Management healthcare solutions ensure that data is managed as a reliable and trustworthy asset orchestrating the flow of data between applications, data sources, and data consumers.

Sign Up Now for Our Joint Proof of Value

To help get you started, Informatica and Microsoft are offering a free, two-week joint proof-of-value (POV) engagement for qualified customers. Executed by experienced Microsoft and Informatica cloud data warehousing experts, the POV demonstrates how to quickly and cost-effectively address the scaling pain points of on-premises data warehouses by adopting Azure Synapse in an iterative approach. This strategy delivers business wins quickly while enabling the agile, iterative modernization of existing data pipelines to fully tap into the analytics power of Azure Synapse and Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2.

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Learn more about Informatica Solutions for Azure at www.informatica.com/azure

First Published: Sep 22, 2020