Fueling the Next Generation of Intelligent Digital Commerce with MDM – Product 360 10.0

Last Published: Dec 23, 2021 |
Antonia Renner
Antonia Renner

Principal Solutions Marketing Manager

We announced the General Availability of the 10.0 Major Release of Informatica MDM – Product 360 during our recent Spring 2020 Virtual Launch Event, where we showcased how customers can fuel their business with AI-powered intelligent data.

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Product 360 Version 10.0 represents a true major release that delivers significant innovation to our product information management (PIM) customers. It fuels your digital commerce needs by combining deepest PIM functionality and enterprise scalability with a clear focus on business user experience. AI and ML features enable workflow automation for millions of products with billions of attributes—and the product experience capabilities reflect the market trend towards business- and marketing-driven PIM use cases.

These latest innovations help you create engaging end-to-end product experience across all customer touchpoints by having your business users manage product content efficiently and deliver relevant, trusted and rich information.

While our best-of-breed capabilities have been validated by the Gartner 2020 Critical Capabilities for Master Data Management Solutions and the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Product Information Management Applications for Commerce 2020, innovation continues to fuel your next-gen intelligent digital commerce.

Please find below some of the truly exciting highlights of the MDM – Product 360 10.0 Major Release:

  • "Product 360° view" graph visualization to explore data relationships and take action
    Product 360 10.0 features a new graph visualization for product relationships, which offers users new possibilities to browse and understand data and uncover insights. This new graph visualization capability provides a quicker, easier, and more holistic way to understand and comprehend relationships.
  • Enhanced characteristic data model on all product entity levels
    The characteristics data model can now be used on all product levels including products and variants. This marks a great milestone in the evolution of the dynamic data model for Product 360. To improve the overall user experience for business users working on characteristics inside the UI, other notable enhancements for this release include thumbnails for lookups, a refined value editing UI, the possibility to optionally allow distributing categories into individual tabs, and much more.
  • Elasticsearch integration for fast and comfortable index-based search requests
    In an ever-growing world of data management, we’ve greatly improved the index-based web search with new key functionalities so business users can now quickly and easily query relevant data. In addition, Product 360 is now allowing direct access to all main operations available through the action menu directly within search results.
  • Full-blown assortment management via Web UI
    It is now possible to manage item, variant, and product assortments in Product 360 Web. Business users can define and manage assortments independent from an administrator, and no longer need to rely on assortments creation in Product 360 Desktop. There is a new assortment context to display and edit assortments.Users can create assortments, manage assortment detailsand add or exclude objects or dynamic queries to an already existing assortment.
  • Enhanced mass data responsiveness for business user dashboards
    The data of dashboard components now loads asynchronously. Each dashboard component offers a separate loading indicator, with already-loaded widgets presented to users for immediate action, while those with longer loading times will continue to load independently.
  • Exports can be distributed into multiple threads to be executed in parallel
    This will have a significantly positive impact on the duration of an export process, with the data loading and processing now being configurable to be performed in parallel execution threads.
  • Introduction of dedicated message queues for choreography between Product 360, BPM, and IDQ rule engine
    Message queues receive a more important role starting with this version and are important components of the Product 360 10.0 architecture. They are used for Data Quality execution as well as communication between Product 360 and Business Process Management (BPM), and allow better control of mass requests between the three instances to scale out enterprise data loads smoothly.

Want to learn more about this major release?

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First Published: Apr 13, 2020