Informatica Customers Help Spread Holiday Cheer

Last Published: Apr 25, 2022 |
Ashley Kirkpatrick
Ashley Kirkpatrick

It’s no secret that during the last few months of the year, holidays are top-of-mind for people around the globe. Likely, if you have a religious affiliation, or reside in a country with national holidays, you celebrate or experience some of the joys that the holidays can bring!







Throughout this blog, I will highlight some Informatica customers from around the world who play an integral part during the holiday season in your celebrations. While we have numerous successful customers, here are eight that deserve to be recognized for using a variety of data management solutions to positively influence the holiday celebrations that so many enjoy:


1. As the largest container ship and supply vessel operator in the world since 1996, Maersk helps deliver items from one continent to another, some of those items being holiday supplies and gifts. They’re proud that since adopting Data Governance and Data Ingestion solutions, they’ve saved 90% of employee time previously spent on manual data discovery and governance, resulting in 10x faster processes.


2. World renowned children’s entertainment company, Mattel, has had the privilege of providing kids all over the world with happy holidays since 1945. They were a part of many of my special holidays and childhood memories as my favorite “toy” was their American Girl doll line! For Mattel to deal with their abundance of data, they adopted a Data Governance solution to govern and catalog – improving the overall confidence in company data.


3. Hopping on a plane or a train for the holidays can be made easier when Lagardère Travel Retail is available at over 4,600 stores in airports, rail stations, and concessions worldwide. Through their cloud data management efforts, they’re standardizing inventory planning across all locations, and better managing stock levels across business lines, concepts, locations and stores.


4. The delicious holiday food we get to prepare and consume is always a holiday highlight for me! Europe’s largest consumer cooperative, Coop Alleanza 3.0, has successfully deployed a Master Data Management solution to ensure their customers’ have a convenient and personalized holiday grocery shopping experience.


5. The holiday time often means road trips for me and so many others – whether they’re traveling home, or to visit friends and relatives. A trustworthy car is essential for road trips, and luckily one of our customers, Nissan, has you covered! By standing up their Data Governance program, they’re accelerating time to market and improving experiences for their customers.


6. KLiNGEL is a fashion item and household goods supplier that’s rapidly expanding their online shopping business through Master Data Management. They’re excited to see what this holiday season will bring as their time to fulfill orders has improved by 7x, and their products are now on available worldwide on 60 web shops including Amazon, eBay, and OTTO!


7. Just like many higher education institutions, Rutgers University dismisses class within the first few weeks in December to allow college students and faculty to spend time with their loved ones. Fortunately, their adoption of a Cloud solution allows for automated communications even while students and staff are away.


8. Who doesn’t love a homemade holiday gift? Our forestry customer, Interfor, has you covered for all your wood-building project needs. With a mission to become one of the world’s largest lumber providers, they’ve seen the value in accelerating time to market by investing in a Cloud solution.

Now that you’re finished reading how our customers help spread holiday cheer, you’re probably realizing you’re behind on planning, hungry thinking about holiday treats, or still need to begin your shopping! But no matter how you’re spending your holidays this year – your friends at Informatica hope that your holiday time is festive, fruitful and fulfilling. In the case that you’re interested in learning more about some of our other successful customers, please check out the customer success story page on the Informatica website. Cheers!


First Published: Dec 15, 2019