Some Good (Data) News: Honoring Our 2020 Informatica Innovation Award Recipients

Last Published: Oct 07, 2021 |
Ashley Kirkpatrick
Ashley Kirkpatrick

In the spirit of John Krasinski’s feel-good web series, SGN (Some Good News), we’re more excited than ever to celebrate our 2020 Informatica Innovation Award Winners and Honorees! While our celebration may have moved from an in-person reception to virtual, the mission remains the same: to recognize our customers’ successes as they leverage Informatica solutions and services through their data-driven digital transformation initiatives.

This year, we had four categories where customers could be nominated: Business 360, Cloud Data Warehouse & Data Lake, Data Governance & Privacy, and Data Strategy & Vision. After reviewing dozens of nominations from across the globe with our leadership team, we’re privileged to announce the following 2020 winners and honorees:

Intelligent Disruptor: Business 360

This award recognizesInformatica customers who delivered a 360 view of trusted, governed, and relevant data to drive improved business outcomes and competitive advantage.

Winner: Project Management Institute, Inc

Project Management Institute

PMI initiated a comprehensive business transformation to address the needs of future generations of professionals by partnering with Informatica for their MDM solution. Not only has this played a pivotal role in supporting machine learning and artificial intelligence needs, but they’ve also improved churn bya few percentage points, resulting in millionsof dollars of revenue benefit.



Honorees: Telus Communications and Converse

As a telecommunications company, Telus recognizes the advantage of differentiating themselves through providing personalized and accurate customer interactions. Their MDM initiative has enabled them to provide shorter call times and superior customer experience.



By adopting the Informatica MDM – Product 360 product information management solution, Converse has streamlined product onboarding and improved data quality through task driven workflow, business rules, and a custom user interface. As a result, they’ve experienced faster product onboarding to get their shoes in the hands of customers at an accelerated rate.

Intelligent Disruptor: Cloud Data Warehouse & Data Lake

This award recognizes Informatica customers who delivered trusted, self-service insights to their business stakeholders by effectively deploying a cloud data warehouse or data lake.



Winner: Kroger

By utilizing Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services to integrate the warehouse information from anon-premisesoperation data store (ODS) into Google Big Query, Kroger was able to reduce days and hours of analytic execution time down to minutes.


Kroger winners


Honorees: Abu-Dhabi Department of Culture & Tourism and Kelly Services

The hot topic of Cloud Data Warehouse and Data Lakes has been a top-priority initiative for our customers at Abu-Dhabi Department of Culture & Tourism.As a result, they’ve automated 70 business process (and counting) within the first two months of their deployment.



Kelly Services is expediting their talent selection process by offering the right opportunity to the right talent. Through the Cloud solutions they’ve adopted, they’re delivering a modern and connected talent platform for multi-cloud and hybrid architectures with Informatica and Microsoft Azure.



Intelligent Disruptor: Data Governance & Privacy

This award recognizes Informatica customers who have taken a holistic, collaborative approach to data governance and privacy, bringing together people, policies, processes, systems and metrics to align data management activities with strategy business outcomes.

CVS Health logo

Winner: CVS Health

By adopting Informatica Data Quality to jumpstart their data governance initiative, CVS Health was able to discover data for the benefit of several company initiatives. In addition to achieving financial milestones, they’ve also reduced processing time for critical files to be delivered to clients from 6 months to 2-3 days.



Honorees: UNC Health and U.K. Department for Education

UNC Health, a not-for-profit integrated health care system owned by the state of North Carolina, has focused on bringing awareness of patient screening results for COVID-19 and the demand for medical resource needs to aid executive decision-making through a centralized knowledge management platform that enhances self-service analytics and promotes source of truth and provides a more accessible data foundation.



U.K. Department for Education began their data governance journey on the heels of GDPR mandates going into effect. Leveraging a comprehensive data governance, enterprise data catalog and data quality solution, they can better identify where their data resides, enhancing compliance.



Intelligent Disruptor: Data Strategy & Vision

Our newest award recognizes that the first step in leading any game-changing data-driven digital transformation is to define an ambitious data strategy and vision. It celebrates Informatica Customers who are effectively leveraging the power and influence of their data strategy and vision to tackle complex data challenges, enable data-driven innovation, or disrupt their industries.

Winner: American Medical Association

The AMA is leveraging a wide variety of components of the Intelligent Data Platform, including data integration, iPaaS, data quality, master data management and data privacy solutions, to name a few, in order to deliver better services to their physician members. They are mastering their physician data from over 124 physician license sources from every state and the Federal government, and we’re proud to partner them on their journey!


American Medical Association


Honorees: Nissan and FWD Group

From being the first customer for Informatica’s Axon Data Governance solution, to more recently deploying Customer 360 Insights to enhance their customer’s experiences, Nissan has been a pioneer of strategy and vision. We’re humbled to partner with them as they work to pursue their goal of providing a “best in class customer experience.”



Working to stand-up a data governance program across seven locations, each in a different country, is no small feat. Through this, our customers at FWD Group are moving towards being a data-driven decision organization, where their data community is able to understand contextual meanings and have integrity in their data.



2020 Intelligent Disruptor of the Year

And now for our most coveted award, the 2020 Intelligent Disruptor of the Year. This year’s winner is:

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (FDA CDER)

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The FDA CDER succeeded at their objective to harmonize the processes for tracking regulated establishments and their products, thereby making the regulatory processes that ensure product quality more efficient, more reliable, and more uniform across the Center. They’re users of several Informatica solutions including Multidomain MDM, Informatica Data Quality, Axon Data Governance, Enterprise Data Catalog and B2B Data Exchange.



Wow – I hope you’re as motivated by these customers as I am! To learn more about the customers and their journeys, I’d encourage you to check out our 2020 Innovation Awards eBook, where you will be able to read about why they embarked on their journey and learn more about the solutions they’re using, plus the results they’ve achieved so far. And once again, congratulations to these exemplary customers as 2020 Innovation Awards Winners and Honorees!

First Published: May 26, 2020