Trusted Data Takes Center Stage

Last Published: Aug 05, 2021 |
Thomas Brence
Thomas Brence

Senior Director, Product Marketing: Data Quality and Governance

This week, Informatica will host its MDM 360 and Data Governance Summit. This annual conference has become a mainstay for the worldwide data governance community—and this year will be no different. We have planned an exciting lineup of internal thought leaders, industry partners, and insightful customer interviews. For the Data Governance part of the Summit, we’ll focus on how empowering organizations with trusted data has had to evolve over this last year. In unprecedented times, with remote working at its peak, the demand for access to reliable information to support data-driven decision making has never been greater. This has led to more organizations making unprecedented investments in technology to enable successful data governance through data intelligence.

What is Data Intelligence?

Data Intelligence enables organizations to find, understand, access and trust all of their data. As Stewart Bond, Research Director at IDC explains, “Data intelligence leverages business, technical, relational, and operational metadata to provide transparency of data profiles, classification, quality, location, lineage, and context; Enabling people, processes and technology with trustworthy and reliable data.” Data Intelligence helps “organizations understand how they work with data, and it promises to improve organizational efficiencies.” As Bond explains, data intelligence adds “value to organizations in enabling data self-service analytics and decision support, being part of data literacy improvement, data quality management, and providing context to machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI)”.

What will you hear about at the Summit?


During the MDM and Data Governance Summit this week, Informatica will showcase a preview of its cloud-native Cloud Data Governance and Catalog that enables data leaders through data intelligence. As we shared in April, the comprehensive Cloud Data Governance and Catalog solutions brings together data cataloging, quality, and governance capabilities with unified metadata-driven intelligence natively in the cloud and enables companies to democratize their data, reimagine and modernize their data governance programs on the cloud, and unleash business value from cloud analytics faster than ever before. During the Summit, viewers will get an opportunity to learn more about the preview of this data intelligence solution and see a comprehensive demonstration of its capabilities. Anyone interested in learning more about Cloud Data Governance and Catalog as we prepare for its launch can sign up for updates on Informatica’s website.


Also at the Summit, you’ll hear from Wendy Batchelder, Chief Data Officer at VMware. As Wendy shared, “I had the opportunity to come to VMware and the honor and pleasure of becoming the company’s very first Chief Data Officer. It’s such an exciting time at VMware as we’re making a transformational shift to SaaS and subscription. As a company, we’re investing in data and analytics to drive that shift as part of our own digital transformation.” Wendy will highlight how VMware is providing a foundation of trusted data, and how they are curating and delivering that valuable information throughout the organization. According to Wendy, “We’re focused on simply making information accessible. By modernizing our ecosystem, moving more information to the cloud, and pointing people to our data marketplace, we are creating a self-service analytics environment providing consistent access for people to get what they need when they need it.”


Finally, you’ll hear from our partners at Deloitte to learn how data governance programs are shifting from compliance centric to value centric. Ashwin Patil, Managing Director – Analytics and Cognitive Practice Lead at Deloitte, shared, “Companies need to start with an appreciation for and prioritization of Data Governance, Privacy and Trustworthy AI.” You’ll learn how to eliminate bias from data, how AI systems are making decisions, and how to remain safe and secure.

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First Published: May 09, 2021