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Set up yourself—and your business—for success with our rich compilation of market insights, technology best practices, and real-world customer and partner stories. Engage with data management experts and learn new skills and strategies for cloud data warehouses and data lakes, building a 360 view of your business, AI-powered data management, and data governance and privacy. Best of all, you can watch everything on demand, wherever and whenever you’d like.

Cloud data warehouses, data lakes & lakehouses

Cloud data warehouses and data lakes hold great potential for improving your agility and cost-efficiency. Explore our best practices and fresh insights to drive faster time to value and greater ROI from your cloud data warehouses and data lakes.

Cloud Data Warehouses, Data Lakes & Lakehouses Customer & Analyst Sessions


Kroger Supply Chain Analytics


Paycor Increased Productivity and Agility With Informatica


Total Gas & Power Delivers enhanced forecasting and analytics

Cloud Data Warehouses, Data Lakes & Lakehouses Partner Sessions


Accelerate Data Warehouse Modernization with Amazon Redshift and Informatica


Taking Digital Transformation from Buzzword to Reality


Accelerating Smart Analytics for SAP: Integrating SAP and Google Cloud


Unleash Intelligent Data in the Cloud with Snowflake and Informatica


Taking Digital Transformation from Buzzword to Reality

Cloud Data Warehouses, Data Lakes & Lakehouses Technical Demos


High Performance with Elastic Cloud Data Integration


Metadata Management for your Cloud Data Warehouse or Data Lake


Efficiently Ingest Streaming Data, Files, and Databases


Your Guide to Modernize Your on-premise Data Warehouse to Cloud Data Warehouse


Data Integration to Power your Cloud Data Warehouse


Ensure Trust in your Cloud Data Warehouse/Data Lake through high quality data

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