Hot ITem B.V.

Silver System Integrator 

As a leading performance improvement specialist we operate at the cutting-edge between Business, IT and Change management. We guide our customers by focusing on the most innovative approaches to data analysis. In that way our clients discover insights that support the decision making process. Our goal is to not only achieve the set targets. We also make our customers ready for the future, enabling them to quickly react to changes in their constantly evolving business environments. 80% of the customers Hot ITem started with in 1998 still retain a business relationship with the company to this day. We believe in change. We believe in data. We can help you use data to change and ultimately lower costs, improve quality and achieve better business results. Our primary goal is to improve the performance of people, departments, and organizations. We achieve our goals by working closely together with our clients. Our areas of expertise include: Management and reporting with Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, Big Data, Data Governance, Process Improvement, Employability Improvement, Privacy Protection, Smart Cities, Internet of Things, Cloud Strategy, and Omnichannel.




Europe, Middle East & Africa: Netherlands