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Our webinars offer a new perspective on the trends that are shaping today’s business world—and the data management strategies making it all happen. Hear real-world success stories from customers, dive deep into demos, and get insights from industry experts on the strategies and topics you’re most interested in, from cloud migration and data warehouse modernization best practices to improving customer experience, data governance, API management, and more.

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Back to Basics Series Episode 5: Trends in MDM

Explore new technologies and methodologies for capturing, managing, and using master data to improve analytics and customer experience.




EDC Advanced Custom Metadata Loader, Episode 4

Learn how to easily surface and extract metadata, custom code, and custom content from proprietary solutions to build a more holistic data catalog.




What’s New in Informatica’s Solution for Cloud Data Warehouses and Lakes

Explore new features and capabilities that increase ROI, reduce TCO, & accelerate time to value, & learn about a risk-free trial offer.




Metadata & Data Lineage Extraction with EDC Advanced Scanners for Teradata, Episode 2

Best practices for extracting deep metadata & data lineage from Teradata data sources to drive governance, compliance, modernization & cloud migration.




OEM with Informatica: Drive Agile Decision-Making with a Powerful Data Integration Partnership

In today's highly competitive business environment, it’s critical that your commercial applications and managed services can quickly and seamlessly consume data from any source and effectively integrate that data on behalf of your customers. 




Why Leading Healthcare Companies are Choosing Informatica and Snowflake for Patient Master and Analytics

Modern Healthcare organizations are going through a Digital Transformation to improve healthcare outcomes and their patient experience.




Metadata and Data Lineage Extraction with EDC Advanced Scanners for Microsoft, Episode 2

Best practices for extracting deep metadata & data lineage from Microsoft systems for a complete data catalog to support data governance & compliance.




Back to Basics Episode 4: CDP 101

Learn how a Customer Data Platform (CDP) drives more resonant customer experiences by adding necessary context to customer relationships.




ROI for Data Integration and Management: Understanding Financial Metrics

A multi-cloud/hybrid environment runs on reliable, effective data integration and management. Hand coding and point solutions may seem to be getting the job done – but at what cost?




Enterprise Data Catalog Advanced Scanners Webinar Series, Episode 1

Discover Enterprise Data Catalog Advanced Scanners and learn how they can solve your toughest metadata and data lineage extraction challenges.




Back to Basics Episode 3: Customer Data

Great customer experiences require great customer data. Poor customer data—like using the wrong name or an incorrect address—can thwart your best efforts to understand who your customers are and what they want.




Mark Hemingway, Director of Technology, Product & Analytics Strategy, Kelly Services
Thomas Brence, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Informatica

As one of the world’s oldest recruiting firms, Kelly Services has decades of employer and candidate data to draw upon. But to adapt its services to better serve a fast-changing job market, it had to govern its data for clarity, trustworthiness, and relevance.




Devashish Sharma, Senior Product Manager, Enterprise Data Catalog, Informatica
Charles Mathew, Product Marketing Manager, Enterprise Data Catalog, Informatica

Explore new features & capabilities that automate data discovery and improve user experience in the industry’s leading AI-powered enterprise data catalog.




Rodrigo Sanchez Bredee, Sr. Director of Strategic Ecosystems, Informatica
Jeff Lee, Director Technology Alliance, Snowflake

Best Practices for Driving Value with Intelligent Data Governance




Prash Chandramohan, Sr. Director, Master Data Management, Informatica
Monica Mullen, Principal Manager, Solutions Marketing, Informatica

Strategies for Identifying & Managing Reference Data




Thomas Brence, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Informatica
Anthony Roscoe, Director of Enterprise Data Governance, Highmark Health

Enabling Greater Collaboration & Consistency In Mergers & Acquisitions




Steven Jones, Business Consultant, Price Intelligence
Tobias Wrobel, Marketing Manager, Parsionate
Prash Chandramohan, Senior Direct Product Marketing, Informatica
Daniel Walter, Principal Product Manager, Informatica

Automating product information management (PIM) processes is key to achieving the increased efficiency and agility that lets you deliver more satisfying and effective product experiences.




Joe Bracken, Deputy General Counsel, Informatica
Nathan Turajski, Senior Director, Data Privacy & Protection, Product Marketing, Informatica

Explore evolving personal data privacy mandates and learn how privacy governance best practices can also accelerate digital transformation.




Prash Chandramohan, Sr. Director, Master Data Management, Informatica
Monica Mullen, Principal Manager, Solutions Marketing, Informatica

Foundational Concepts of Master Data Management




Dirk Zwart, AC/PMC EMEA Systems Consultant, PPG
Ilse Goverts-van Kesteren, Business Excellence Manager & Data Governance Manager, PPG
Antonia Renner, Principal Solutions Marketing Manager, Informatica

Make sure your customers have the detailed, trusted product information they demand to inform their purchasing decisions, no matter how or where they want to receive it.




Makesh Renganathan, Principal Product Manager, Informatica
Jaymin Darbari, Head of Data Governance at Abu Dhabi DCT
Hafdi Salah, Managing Partner at BBI Consultancy

Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT) intends to make the country a top global tourist destination. To do that, it needs to better understand what travelers want – and act on those insights more effectively.




Oliver Soans, Director, Product Management, MDM & 360 Solutions
John Thomas, Director, Product Management, MDM & 360 Solutions

Ever wonder what you could achieve if you could take the power of a consistent, complete, connected customer view and combined it with simple implementation, intuitive management, and ease of use in the cloud? Let Informatica show you!




Amit Kara, Director, Technology Marketing, Informatica
Amit Vaswani, Principal Architect, Informatica

Organizations understand cloud is a critical enabler and accelerator for data-driven digital transformation, with the ability to support rapid innovation, lower IT overhead, and shift data management needs to the cloud for scale.




Jonathan Andrews, Senior Director, IT Information Governance, Charter Communications
Thomas Brence, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Informatica

Complying with privacy regulations like the GDPR and CCPA isn’t just an exercise in controlling risk. It’s also an opportunity to increase trust in your data so your team can use it to drive more successful business initiatives.




Jim Marous, Owner/CEO, Digital Banking Report, Co-Publisher, The Financial Brand, Host, Banking Transformed Podcast
Greg Smith, SVP, Digital Channels & Innovation, City National Bank
Peter Ku, VP and Chief Financial Services Strategist, Informatica

Financial services firms today stand or fall on their ability to differentiate themselves with exceptional customer service – and delivering superior CX demands technology that ensures the right data is always in the right place at the right time.