Microsoft Azure Connectors

Get big data projects off the ground more quickly, with richer datasets.

Azure Storage

Predictive analytics helps you spot future trends and quickly respond to customer needs. Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio gives you best-in-class algorithms for R and Python custom code. Azure HDInsight lets you process unstructured or semi-structured data from web, social media, logs, devices, and sensors using Hadoop, HBase, or, for real-time use cases, Storm. Both cloud-based Hadoop and machine-learning algorithms need large volumes of raw data to iterate and identify patterns. Informatica Cloud’s connector for Azure Storage lets you load your diverse datasets into Azure Blobs for subsequent machine-learning or Azure HDInsight processing. You can also leverage Azure Data Factory for data pipelining to augment data with fresh data and route enriched data to BI applications, data lakes and dashboards.




Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse provides you with a cloud data warehouse for processing petabytes of data with enterprise-scale. Azure SQL Data Warehouse is based on massive parallel processing (MPP) and with Polybase technology; you can leverage Transact-SQL to combine query results across relational data and non-relational data. You can independently scale compute and storage and gain the optimal price as well as performance.

Informatica Cloud enables you to easily derive actionable insights out of your large data sets by connecting the Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse to any cloud or on-premise application. Informatica Cloud supports all the 25 data-types currently supported by SQL Data Warehouse and is a state-of-the-art optimized platform with support for bulk data loading.

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Azure SQL Database

Microsoft Azure SQL Database provides you with a scalable relational database-as-a-service to quickly build and expand applications into the cloud. SQL Database comes with self-managed software patching capabilities and system replicas leading to a near-zero maintenance. It enables organizations to achieve compliance to organizational policies and regulatory standards. Programmatic APIs help you scale to thousands of databases. SQL Database supports a variety of most popular technologies such as .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Node.js. Informatica Cloud enables you to easily transfer data in and out of Microsoft SQL Database by connecting it to any cloud or on-premise application. Informatica Cloud SQL Database Connector supports data synchronization and replication.




Informatica Secure Agent

Informatica Cloud Secure Agent is a lightweight program that runs all tasks and enables secure communication across the firewall between your organization and Informatica Cloud. When the Secure Agent runs a task, it connects to the Informatica Cloud hosting facility to access task information. Then the Secure Agent connects directly and securely to sources and targets, transfers data between sources and targets, and performs any additional task requirements. When you install a Secure Agent, all Informatica Cloud users in the organization share the Secure Agent. Informatica Cloud Secure Agent is available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

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Microsoft Azure Data Factory

Microsoft Azure Data Factory provides you with a powerful way to create, orchestrate, and manage data pipelines over the Hadoop ecosystem. Informatica Cloud enables you to easily connect a wide variety of cloud and on-premise data sources to a data pipeline with diverse processing techniques such as Azure HDInsight. This allows data developers to transform and shape the data into trusted information that can be easily consumed by BI tools for rich analytics and visualization. Azure Data Factory enables you to quickly visualize and manage your network of data pipelines to identify issues and take action.