• How to Compete Effectively in a Regulatory Environment for Increased Returns

    Five years after the financial crisis began the global financial system still remains in flux. Regulatory clarity is nearing, but many issues remain unresolved. This uncertain landscape poses both opportunities and risks for financial institutions, asset managers, among the other financial services sectors.

  • How to Overcome Data Obstacles to Grow the Business

    The need for better and more accurate data in financial services is more critical than ever to improve customer experience, grow wallet share, and retain high potential customers. Unfortunately, traditional business silos, lack of a single view of customer, fragmented data management processes, and lack of capable technology are just some of the issues financial institutions face that prevents them from receiving the data they need to succeed.

  • FATCA: Crunch Time

    The US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) has its July 1 implementation deadline just about one month from now. As crunch time approaches, are firms prepared with the systems, processes and identifiers they need to have in place? Do they understand all the relevant facets of the rules and do they have the resources to comply? This webcast will look at the intricate facets of FATCA compliance from the point of view of those affected.

  • How Mouser Electronics Differentiates with Rich Product Information

    When a manufacturer wants a Wifi Module for the next generation of smart phone, the design engineers turn to Mouser Electronics to find the exact module they need. As a worldwide, leading authorized distributor of electronic components and semiconductors, Mouser specializes in the rapid introduction of new products and technologies for more than 600 manufacturers. Mouser.com serves as a primary reference for anyone designing a circuit. Mouser’s product data is a critical differentiator and is elemental to Mouser’s growth and success in providing engineers and buyers with product data that is highly searchable, complete, and accurate.

  • Power your business with a Cloud Data Integration Hub

    As cloud-first organizations adopt multiple SaaS applications, they need an efficient way to connect them together and with on-premise systems. In this webinar you’ll learn how to empower marketing, sales & finance users and make data more accessible to enhance team productivity.