• Meet the Experts: Deep-Dive, Demo, Roadmap-Informatica Cloud App/API Integration

    To fulfill your API-first strategy you need to integrate on premises data and applications with Cloud and other on-premises applications, data sources and services. Did you know that the Cloud Application Integration Service can connect these systems in real time using APIs?Did you also know that you can implement and host business services and microservices and expose these to your applications and partners in the Cloud and on premises? Join a product expert as he dives deep into the API and application integration capabilities offered by our API platform for accelerating your digital transformation.

  • Meet the Experts: Deep-Dive, Demo - Informatica Cloud Integration Hub

    Join this technical webinar with a demo to learn more about the Informatica Cloud Integration Hub, which enables you to simplify and streamline complex, point-to-point data integrations and govern your integration architecture with a modern pub-sub data integration hub. Whether you are starting a new cloud data integration project or updating your existing cloud integration investment, your goal is to eliminate hairball, spaghetti-like integrations, support multi-latency services, and reduce the time to onboarding applications. The Cloud Integration Hub enables you to efficiently connect, integrate, and share data at any latency from cloud applications, cloud ecosystems, and on-premises applications.

  • Pathways to Cloud Data Warehouse Modernization

    As the volume of data across enterprises continues to grow exponentially, organizations are looking to cloud data warehouses for scalability, flexibility at lower costs. But moving to a cloud data warehouse requires planning and a strategic approach.