• Boost Scientific Efficiency through AI assisted data search and prep

    Pharmaceutical companies continue to invest in several different strategies to increase R&D returns and scientific efficiency. Strategies range from increasing access to research through partnerships or acquisitions, improved execution during clinical trials and patient outreach, and incorporating real world evidence.

  • Keys to Building End-to-End Intelligent Data Pipelines for AI & ML Projects

    Faster access to accurate and prepared datasets is critical for enterprise analytics to deliver better business outcomes. Informatica and Databricks partnered to provide a scalable data and machine learning solution with faster data discovery, ingestion, and preparation that accelerates development and increases model accuracy.Setup your AI/ML projects for success with the following critical capabilities:- Enable data engineers to quickly ingest high volumes of data from multiple hybrid sources into Delta Lake for high reliability and performance- Faster and lower cost development of high-volume data pipelines for machine learning projects- Empower data scientists to build accurate models based on the right dataset and verify lineage of the data used to train the modelsDon’t miss this webinar if you’d like to achieve the holy grail of end-to-end data lineage for analytics. You’ll see an overview of the joint solution and an in-depth demo.